Video shows small aircraft colliding with Lexus on CA Highway

According to reports, wild footage shows a small single-engine jet landing an emergency in the middle of the California highway.

Video posted Local plane sources showed the Pall Plain Interstate 580 in Livermore and a white sedan at the 209 Times, which propelled the plane about five feet as it reached a stop.

“Holy F-K, I just barely got it!” The person taking the video was released. “Does not matter!”

Pilot josh radson Told KPIX The plane was forced to land at around 5 pm Tuesday after taking off from the nearby Livermore Municipal Airport.

It managed to reach a height of about 500 feet before diving towards an overpass above the interstate.

“The power was lost when it was turned off,” Redson explained. “I’m glad we’re fine.”

Redson, his father and the driver of the sedan – Joe Jalopnik identified As a Lexus IS – all escaped uninhabited, KPX said.

Kenyx said that the nose of the Moni M20E plane hit the front of the car.

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