Virginia man arrested DUI twice in less than nine hours

According to officials, a Virginia man was arrested twice in less than nine hours.

Authorities said Travis Baker, 38, was first busted before midnight Tuesday when he allegedly robbed another car in Stafford County.

The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy found a controlled substance in Baker’s pocket during the arrest.

Bayer said the DUI was cheated, possession of a controlled substance and driving on a suspended license, the sheriff’s office said.

He was released on bond at 7:15 am

An hour and half an hour later, Baker threw a drunken box truck into the woods.

Baker, who was slurring his speech, was arrested after a sub-administered area of ​​lavish trials.

Authorities said the deputy found a controlled substance inside the truck.

Baker was slapped with the same three charges, in addition to careless driving.

He was jailed without bond after the second bust.

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