WandVision Episode 7 Recap: Agnes reveals that about the sneaky mid-credit scene, 10 questions we have about the new episode (Detective – latest special)

Right now, the most disturbing thing in this damn world are these three words – “Please stand by”. If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, then you might not have anything to do with Marvel’s Disney + series Vandavision. Each episode ends with a scene from the broadcast message of “Please Stand By”, and the scene before it is such a big cliffhanger that you are furious about the fact that you have to wait another week to find How that cliffhanger would be sport ahead. And if you’ve watched the seventh episode of WandaVision, your incursion into the game-changing Cliffhanger will shoot off the roof! WandaVision Episode 6 Recap: From Pietro’s true identity to that mind-boggling finale, there are 15 questions we have after watching the latest episode of the Marvel series.

Of course, I have to warn you as always, because while we are discussing the episode in depth, a lot of spoilers will come forward. So please be careful, if you haven’t seen the series yet.

Anyway, the seventh episode, which was titled Break the fourth wall, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) ‘s sitcom Reality Enters 2010 modern Family-Customized setup in which the cameras are eligible, as if they are being interviewed. Wanda is away from the Vision (Paul Bettany), recovering from the damage that was trying to get out of the Hex. She is trying to be a quarantine in order to have the guilt of losing control of her powers at the end of the final episode. Wanda is also seeing her behavior around reality, as if she is losing control of her ‘world’. After waking up from a loss of consciousness, the vision helps regain Darcy (Kat Dennings) – who is now an escape artist at a carnival in Westview – back to her memory. Together, they go to meet Wanda, but something stops them.

Meanwhile, Monica (Tyonaah Paris) breaks into the hex without losing her memory, and also gains superpower in the process. She confronts Wanda and tells him that she is facing the truth of the loss she is going through (death of sight). Agnes (Katherine Hahn) takes Wanda to her house, where Wanda realizes that Agnes is the opposite of her ‘trapped’ victims. She is Agatha Harkness, a witch who manipulates things around Wanda, including bringing back Pietro with another face. At the end of this episode it is revealed that in this reality, we are secretly watching Agatha’s show all along.

With such a deceptively exciting cliff-hanger, our curiosity levels are at an all-time high. And like every other episode of this series, the seventh episode leaves us with some shocking questions about what we just saw and where the show is headed. Like these 11 below…

What is Hayward Apto?

A still from vandavision

After Wanda is trapped in the hex in the last episode, SWORD’s acting director Hayward (Josh Stamberg) speaks to his deputy to launch something. Does he plan to nuke Westview? What was he planning to do with Vision after bringing her online, before carrying Wanda’s corpse?

How much does Darcy know about the Avengers?

A still from vandavision

It is undeniable that Darcy Lewis knows a lot about the Avengers, even though the only one he knows is Thor, and he is not in touch with her. Thor: Dark World. We may assume that he has intelligence, but witnessing this intelligence may have come from witness accounts, bound to be somewhat different from the truth. But Darcy knows how things played out – like how Wanda killed Vision before he was revived by Thanos and killed again? At that time, only three people were present at the scene, and two of them were dead, and the survivor would not have spoken!

Who is Major Goodner?

A still from vandavision

The contact that Monica was going to have in the sixth episode turned out to be a military officer named Major Goodner (Rachel Thompson). While we’re still not sure if this is the aeronautical officer he was talking about coming back in a few episodes, Major Goodner in itself is a curious character. When Monica thanks Goodner and tells her that her mother has appreciated what she is doing for her, Goodner tells her that Monica’s mother is not her and that her team is loyal to her. When she says that, Monica has a curious, slightly annoying expression on her face.

Is Captain Marvel a good mention? If that’s the case, are he and his team skirls? Spider-Man: Away From Home Showed that we still have Skrulls impersonating known people on Earth.

What is Nexus?

A still from vandavision

Advertisement in Vandavision Weeding and getting deeper by every episode. The new one is about ‘Nexus’, an anti-depressant, whose ad is more about recovering with your depression. While the ad strongly indicates that Wanda suffers from depression, and her sitcom world is just an extension of what she is feeling, there is more to it. The name ‘Nexus’ is curious because it is considered a portal in Marvel comics that opens up other dimensions. If this show is being mentioned, have we already seen a glimpse of it in this episode?

A still from vandavision

Seriously what is that thing?

What is the endplan of Agatha Harkness?

A still from vandavision

Ever since we learned Winter Soldier Bucky, Agnes Harkness was a powerful witch in Marvel Comics. We don’t know what her endplan is here – why did Agatha choose Wanda and the producers made her a hex, and what is she going to do with him? Also, how would Marvel interpret witches in their pseudo-scientific world? Also, who is Ralph, who was her unseen husband in Vana’s sitcom?

What happened to Tommy and Billy?

A still from vandavision

When Wanda is at Agnes’ home, she realizes her twins, who were supposed to be there, were not there. Even as she discovers them in Agnes’ basement, she travels on many other things, saving for her children. Since witches are known to eat children, is that what Agatha did to twins? Agnes confesses that she has bitten a child. Is that the reason why Westview does not have children, as Vision has so subtly observed? Eventually, he killed Sparky, the poor dog! #JusticeForSparky

Will we see Agatha’s performance?

A still from vandavision

Since Wanda has gone out for decades, and in the end, we realize that this was Agatha’s ‘show’, as well as future episodes now airing Agatha’s sitcom? Also what would be the format and what would be Wanda’s role here?

What is Monica’s superpower now?

A still from vandavision

After that, for the third time Monia crosses the hex, she not only maintains her memory, but also gains some superpowers. He manages to resist Vana’s force, even managing an impressive superhero landing. So what are his powers now? Future episodes of WandVision plot leaked? 5 big rumors on Elizabeth Olsen’s Disney + series you shouldn’t watch out if you take care of SPOILERS!

What is the reality of vision?

A still from vandavision

Darcy, after telling Hex the truth of his life to the Vision, confesses that he is unaware of how the Vision came, and that he could not escape Hex without killing himself. So what exactly is vision? And why is he still playing with the sitcom Tropes?

What is ‘Pietro’ in that mid-credit scene?

A still from vandavision

Evan Peters was missing for most of the episode after being blasted by Blight by Wanda at the end of the previous one. Wanda tells her children that she is not their uncle, while Sight calls her a cheater. When Agatha reveals her secret, we come to know that it was brought by her. And there’s that first in the mid-credit scene – WandaVision.

Monica is looking around Agnes’ house, when she stumbles upon her basement door and opens it. While she is surprised to see that Evan Peters’ Pietro appears inside her and she calls him ‘Snooper’. So is he a resident of Westview, someone working for Agnes or someone more powerful than Agnes? Hopefully we’ll find out by the next episode. Vandavision Disney + Hotstar is streaming.

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