‘We were strong-willed’ to win the match – Chelsea win over Champions League winner Atletico

Olivier Giroud says Chelsea got into a clash with their eyes to win with Atletico Madrid on Tuesday, even though he was one foot away at the neutral venue.

Giroud scored the lone goal of the game, a surprise second-half cycle kick that gave Chelsea a lead in the second leg.

The French say that was always Chelsea’s intention, as the Blues looked to gain an edge in the second leg at Stanford Bridge.

Giroud at Chelsea’s point of view

“We came here with strong intentions to win the game, play our game and we know how we can harass them aggressively,” he said BT Sport. “We have been strong on the bench in defensive shape and are very happy with the win, it was a worthy win tonight.

“We know the importance of the away goal in the European Cup, which is why I was happy to help the team win the game, we managed it well and we were confident but faced a great team and I think we were very committed and knew that the main strength. We deal with it but we have to stay focused and get the job done.

“Not over confident, we were confident in our qualities in the game. I didn’t know what to think about the goal, I just focused on hitting the overhead kick and was pleased to see it go to the back of the net, I had no clue about being out, Mason Mount said he had not touched the ball. Good for the team, good for me. “

Giroud on his goal

The Frenchman’s goal was not without waiting a bit, as Giroud and Chelsea were forced to be patient during a VAR review.

Mason Mount’s initial ascent into the field took place in a mishit clearance from Mario Hermoso, who fired the ball into the air behind him.

Giroud waited for what would be his position, but due to Harmoso’s touch, he was free to hit the overhead kick and eventually seal the victory.

“I told Mason [Mount] If I had missed the goal, I would have blamed it RMC Sport. He said, “Because he touches the ball, when I can do it and it finishes before he gives it to me, but we won’t do wrong. I am very happy to see the ball in the net and especially it That it is not offside.

“This is very good for me and the team. Wait? With VAR, you have to be confident and be patient. It was a long time, but it was an important decision. It is strange to celebrate three minutes later.

What will happen next?

With a 1-0 lead in their back pocket, Chelsea will now head into the second leg with a major lead.

On March 17, the two sides will face off once again at Stamford Bridge, with the quarter-finals in line.

Earlier, however, Chelsea face some big matches in the Premier League, as they will take on Manchester United and Liverpool within the next two weeks.

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