WH denies hypocrisy of ‘children in cages’ as detention centers reopen

One person’s “children in a cage” is the “reopening of overflow facilities” of another.

The Biden White House is being accused of hypocrisy for reopening border facilities to teenagers living far from home – including one that both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris gave then President Donald Trump the campaign trail and earlier told about.

Biden repeatedly blasted Trump for failing to separate families and reunite them, declining during the October debate that migrant children were “snatched from them”. [parents’] Weapons were further separated. ”

Harris, who was then a senator, said at the peak of the family separation dispute in 2018 that Trump’s treatment of migrants was a “crime against humanity.”

But on Monday, the Department of Health and Human Services reopened a facility in Texas for 700 migrants ages 13 to 17. A second facility in Florida is also being reopened. The decision ranked immigration advocates and provoked accusations of hypocrisy in view of the preceding Beiden-Harris condemnation.

White House press secretary Jane Saki pressed the issue in her briefing on Tuesday and danced around the issue, urging that it be a temporary measure for unconstitutional minors needed by the COVID-19 pandemic .

The White House press secretary, Jane Saki, pressed the issue in her briefing on Tuesday.

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Kamala Harris, then senator, said in 2018 that Trump’s treatment of migrants was a “crime against humanity”.

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“Spacing is required,” Saki said. “To ensure the health and safety of these children, HHS took steps to add capacity to open an emergency facility where these children need to be cared for before being safely placed with family and sponsors .

“So this is a temporary reunion during COVID-19, our intention is to shut it down a lot, but we want to make sure that we can follow the COVID protocol.”

He said, “Our goal is for them to then transfer to families or sponsors. Therefore, it is our endeavor to ensure that children are not in proximity and we are following the health and safety standards that the government has set. ”

And Saki rejected the notion that children had a habit of keeping “caged children” on the 66-acre site.

In addition to the Detention Center for Children in Carrizo Springs, Texas, Homestead, Fla. Another center is being re-started.

In 2019, Harris sought access to the Homestead facility as part of protests with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), but was turned away because He did not appoint.

Fellow Democrat and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio also opposed the Homestead facility in 2019 when it housed 2,300 irresponsible migrant children. He called the center a “prison camp”

“You are being marched around a bunch of children. I’m looking at that and immediately I thought, this is a prison camp, “De Blasio said.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) went so far as to describe Trump-era detention centers on the southern border as “concentration camps”.

Immigration was a major campaign issue last year, with Biden and then President Donald Trump swapping allegations of inhumane treatment of illegal migrants and refugees.

“Who built the cage, Joe?” Trump repeatedly questioned the last president in the debate, noting that he was criticized for a large warehouse detention center in McAllen, Texas, Opened in 2014 When Biden was vice president. That facility closed last year.

Biden has proposed legislation that would provide citizenship avenues for an estimated 11 million illegal migrants in the US and began ending Trump’s “stay in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers from Central America last week.

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