What former Mexico President Vicente Fox said about El Chapo’s wife

The arrest of Al Chapo’s wife is sparking a quarrel between the current president of Mexico and one of his predecessors.

Former President Vicente Fox Tweeted out a jaw In the country’s current Jeff, Andres Manuel Lopez Obredor, the husband of Emma Coronel Espuro’s American drug hustler, drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo ‘” Guzman, on Monday.

“Don’t worry Emma, ​​the President will come to the rescue !! America detains Emma Coronel, wife of ‘El Chapo’ for drug smuggling.”

Fox was apparently referring to the fact that Lefty Lopez had previously pressured the Trump administration to release former Mexico Defense Secretary Salvador Sinfuegos, who was busted in the US on drug charges in October, before the trial. South of

Mexican prosecutors in Lopez’s administration officially cleared Cienfuegos of the rapes last month, sparking widespread criticism.

President of Mexico Andres Manuel López Obredor at the National Palace in Mexico City, Mexico on February 23, 2021.
President of Mexico Andres Manuel López Obredor on February 23, 2021 at the National Palace in Mexico City.
REUTERS / louis cortes

Just after Lopez took office in January 2019, Fox also ripped off a self-proclaimed man-by-person To boast that he has no property. Records show that everything is in the name of Lopez’s wife and children.

“Only his grandmother could believe it. Wake up, Mexico !!! “Fox tweeted at the time.

The pair’s bad blood goes back at least to 2004, when Lopez, then Mayor of Mexico City, publicly captured then-President Fox.

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