What happens when a police vehicle causes an accident

Everyone understands that road accidents can happen at any time, and they do not choose who to include. Even special organizations like the police and state authorities are not protected.

When your car is completed in an accident, filing for legal compensation can be challenging. Furthermore, if the accident involves a first responder vehicle or a police car, the problem may become even more complicated.

For the first time, most people involved in such scenarios are not aware of following legal procedures. Furthermore, they cannot know who is liable. Our post here wants to help those people understand better when a police vehicle causes an accident.

Who is responsible for a collision with a police car

Mostly, when traffic accidents occur, police will arrive to find that the driver was driving recklessly or walking on a red light, or ignoring traffic signals. If their investigation shows that is the case, they will take legal action. However, what would happen if the police caused the accident?

First, they would determine if the driver was in the line of duty. Second, if there was an emergency they were responding to at the time of the accident. If it was a response to an urgency, they could not bear the obligation.

Are police vehicles exempt from traffic rules?

Never forget that emergency vehicles are exempted from certain traffic rules, such as those who stop driving at high speed or driving red lights, keep their lights or sirens on. If you know there is an oncoming emergency vehicle or someone is waiting behind you, then you should give way as the emergency is clear.

Additionally, if a police vehicle hits your car, you should not be worried. You can file a legal claim about the accident. This will prompt the relevant traffic authorities to investigate the incident using the facts at hand.

However, when you are involved in such an accident, the investigation may take longer. For example, municipal police mostly allow up to six months to receive reports of such accidents. After you forward your claim, they can start investigating the case.

What happens immediately after the accident?

Below are some things:

  • Police will arrive at the scene and prepare a report.
  • Police may take photographs and request a copy of the report.
  • The parties involved may seek medical attention.
  • You can file a legal claim.

1. Police will come to the scene and generate reports

Assume that the police officers involved in the accident are not seriously injured; They can call their fellow police officers on the radio to respond to the situation. Once they arrive at the scene, they will consider taking photographs of the scene and making a report about it.

2. Take your photos and request a copy of the report

If you faint during an accident, you can take a picture of the scene. You can also ask the police to assist you with a copy of the report. The possibility is that they may ignore your requests. But if they are polite, they will Share a copy of the report With you, which you can later use against them or their insurance carrier.

3. Medical attention

You can seek therapy even when you feel well. You will not know if you have any internal injury or not. After that, you can get a doctor’s medical examination report to back up any possible claims. Insurance companies require medical records as evidence that your injuries were serious to compensate you.

4. File a Legal Claim

When you feel ready, you can file a claim against police officers, their insurer, or both. But due to the many technicalities of such cases you have to first contact a lawyer. Fortunately, there are attorneys who are specialized in ensuring that justice is done for their clients involved in an emergency vehicle collision. So, if you have been injured in such an accident, do not hesitate to contact Advocate for police and firefighter To get proper compensation.

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