When New Jersey’s Weed Legalization Bill Expires

Recreational weed is legally legal in New Jersey after years of unsuccessful legislative efforts.

While the historical law signed by the Govt. With Phil Murphy allowing possession of up to six ounces of marijuana on Monday, it would take time for Garden State residents 21 and older to be able to legally purchase weed.

Here’s a look at the rollout of state law.

When and where can I buy weed?

Give some time The state still has to establish a market and rules for new industry, which Murphy said could take months.

Experts Told NJ.com This legal sale may begin as early as 2022.

The purchase will initially be made at existing medical marijuana dispensaries, but only after showing that they have enough dope for about 100,000 patients in New Jersey.

The Cannabis Regulatory Commission, which will oversee the industry, will have six months to implement its rules and regulations before it starts accepting new licenses for recreational businesses.

NJ.com said a recent court ruling has helped speed up the process – the state’s health department may soon grant 24 new licenses to dispensaries.

However, the new law increases the number of pot-growing licenses to 37 in the first two years.

Illustration of nj state sign with marijuana leaves
A law signed by Gov. Phil Murphy allows for possession of up to six ounces of marijuana.

Where can I smoke it?

It is still prohibited to use pot in public settings. But the new law calls for the creation of a “consumption lounge” where you can bring your own weeds to enjoy.

How much will it cost?

that depends. The price-per-ounce will fluctuate based on supply and demand.

But are there certain, 7 percent sales tax and 2 percent municipal tax on pot sales.

Cannabis producers will also be charged excise on a sliding scale, based on a cost per ounce basis. If an ounce costs $ 350, a $ 10 tax will be levied. If the price falls below $ 250, the tax rises to $ 60.

The law has been enacted so that the bulk of the sales tax – and 100 percent of the excise tax – will go to the 20 designated communities of color who have been absolutely affected by prior drug laws.

Will I be arrested if I am caught with a pot?

Effective immediately, people in the garden state can carry up to 6 ounces without the risk of fines or arrests.

People under 21 are subject to a series of written warnings – the first warning will be to involve themselves, the second to parents and the third to engage in community programs such as drug education or treatment. NJ.com reported.

The new law also makes way for pending cases to dismiss marijuana offenses, and provides greater protection when it comes to pot.

Police can no longer stop anyone because they smell marijuana. While interacting with young people, their body cameras must also be turned on and they cannot be kept beyond issuing warnings.

Can I Grow Marijuana at Home?

No. The three bills signed into law by Murphy do not allow home-growing operations.

If I live in a neighboring state, can I buy marijuana in New Jersey?

Technically, however, federal laws will prevent you from crossing state lines with it – which can prove difficult to implement.

Where and what is recreational weed legal?

New Jersey is involved in legalizing pot – along with 14 other states – Guam and Washington, DC, Colorado, Arizona, South Dakota, Montana, Alaska, California, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington

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