Woody Allen banged ‘Ellen V. Faroe is called a hat-trick job

Woody allen slammed on sunday New HBO Documentary Series The allegations of sexual abuse against him were “tricked with lies” as a “disgusting act”.

The decades-old allegations state that Allen molested Dylan Farrow when she was a child, with the 85-year-old director and his wife, Soon-Yee Previn, 50 years old The Hollywood Reporter said in a statement.

“Several agencies investigated him in time and found that, as Dylan Farrow may believe, no abuse had taken place so far,” the statement said.

The pair broke their silence about “Alan V. Farrow”. Shortly afterwards the documentary aired for the first time.

The T series presented a painful picture of the Oscar-winner, drawing attention to Mia Farrow’s daughter Dylan’s accusation that she sexually assaulted her in the family attic in 1992 when she was seven. Alan was Mia’s partner during Dylan’s young childhood.

The Academy Award-winning director and his wife accused filmmakers Amy Zeering and Kirby Dick of “no interest in the truth” and of “collaborating with Farrow and his supporters”.

The couple said they had only been contacted by documentaries two months earlier, “and were given only a few days to respond.”

“Of course, they refused to do so,” the statement said.

The pair also insisted that HBO may be prejudiced, due to its business relationship with Alan’s iconic son, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ronan Farrow. Signed a multi-film production deal With the network in 2018.

“It is sad that it is HBO to wind up the network – which has a production and business relationship with Ronald Farrow,” the statement said.

“While this shoddy hit piece may attract attention, it does not change the facts.”

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