Woody Allen’s publisher ‘Ellen V. Farrow can sue filmmakers

Alan V. Get ready for Farrow vs Skyhorse vs HBO.

“Ellen V. Farrow,” the thriving marriage and controversial custody battle between Dougie Ellen and Mia Farrow in a four-part HBO documentary over cryptites causing legal trouble in itself. Skyhorse Publishing, which released Allen’s latest book, “Apropos of Nothing”, is threatening to sue the makers of Buzzy and the controversial show for sampling bits from the famous director’s audiobook.

Allen, 85, did not attend the show, which premiered on February 21 and dismissed allegations that the “Manhattan” director may have molested his then 7-year-old daughter, Dylan.

“Neither the producers nor HBO ever contacted Skyhorse to ask for permission to use the excerpts from the audiobook,” Tony Lyons, president of Skyhorse, Told the Los Angeles Times. “[W]E believes that the unauthorized use of the audiobook is a clear, eccentric violation under the existing legal precedent … We will take the necessary legal action to redress the rights of ourselves and Woody Allen in our intellectual property, “the statement went on.

Book cover for his memoir, published by Woody Allen and Skyhorse,
The book cover for his memoir, “Apropos of Nothing,” published by Woody Allen and Skyhorse.
Still from a
Still from “Alan V. Farrow”. Mia Farrow and daughter Dylan are extensively interviewed on the show.
Modern Family: An old holiday snap depicting members of the Farrow / Allen / Previn family.
Modern Family: An old holiday snap depicting members of the Farrow / Allen / Previn family.
Globe photos / mediapunch / shutter

The imprint similarly complained that he had not been adequately warned that the memoir would be sampled, saying “Skyhorse only received second-hand information last weekend.”

Skyhorse’s legal argument is the idea of ​​fair use or “a legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression by allowing the use of licenses without copyright-protected works under certain circumstances” According to the US Copyright Office. The makers of Docs say they were exercising their right “to use legally limited audio portions”. According to A statement sent to the Hollywood Reporter.

Woody Allen and his wife, Soon-Yi Previn leave their New York City home.
Woody Allen and his wife, Soon-Yi Previn, were recently spotted leaving home in New York City.
Elder Ordonez / splashnews.com

The publishing house stated that fair use should be given by the court, and take into account the “purpose” and “market effect” of the quoted material.

Allen – the mastermind behind films including “Annie Hall,” “Blue Jasmine” and “Midnight in Paris” – also slowed the series down recently, Call it “disgusting act” In a joint statement with his wife, Soon-yi Previn, 50, who is one of Mia’s adopted children. “Several agencies investigated him in time and found that, whatever Dylan Farrow may have believed, there had been no abuse so far,” the statement said.

The memoir itself was also a Point of dispute Last year: It was dropped by Hatchet Book Group in March 2020 After the walkout By employees and a harmful Twitter thread sent By Alan’s son, Ronan Farrow.

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