Yankees Luis Severino Domingo standing by German

TAMPA – Domingo Jarman still has to talk to his teammates about an incident of domestic violence that led to his 81-game suspension by Major League Baseball, but everyone should be allowed to join the right-hander. No problem with that, now their ban is over.

Luis Severino has known German since 2014 and says the two are “good friends”.

“Every time I talk to Domingo, it’s about baseball,” Severino said on Monday. “[It’s] About getting better. Whenever we have a conversation, it is about us or it is getting better. This is the only thing on my mind. Helping bring the team to the World Series. “

There is a different tone to what Zac Britton used last week when Lefty said of the German, “You don’t have to control who your teammates are and that’s the situation.” What i don’t agree with [German] did. I don’t think it has any place in the game or off the field or at all. “

Severino said that he felt the German was holding on to additional scrutiny.

“I think he’s handling it really well, all the stuff is going on,” Severino said. “I haven’t talked to him much.”

Domingo is back with the Yankees in German spring training.
Domingo is back with the Yankees in German spring training.
Charles Weinzberg / New York Post

Status players called George M. on Monday. Stenbrenner reported to Fields and those who worked after his body were Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks, Clint Frazier, DJ Lemahieu and Miguel Andujar. The first official workout will take place on Tuesday at Steinbrenner Field.

Adam Warren is back with the Yankees, 2019 Tommy John is returning after surgery. He faced the spring season for the first time on Sunday and said he felt well on Monday with “general agony”.

He is in camp on a minor league deal and wants to pitch as much as possible “to prove myself and to prove them I am ready to pitch in the big leagues.”

He said he is “very realistic” after a bad pitch before injury in 2019.

“I don’t want to hand over anything,” Warren said. “I don’t feel like I want anything. My mindset is that I have to prove myself again and prove that I was a few years ago.”

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