10 Best Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime: February 2021

We’ve all been there: flipping through Amazon Prime’s film offerings, but being surprised Uh what’s good. Hence What are the best movies to watch on Amazon Prime? The commercial giant’s streaming service has quietly amassed a large collection of films, and since 2006, has released a number of acclaimed films, such as Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester by the sea, Jim sure Patterson, And Luca Guadagino Suspiria Remake under the Amazon Studio banner.

Prime Video is a great service, but has a ton of content. Don’t worry, we are here to help. We have seen 10 of our favorite films currently on the platform, choosing from Seva and Cherry. From modern anime glasses like Red line, Likes cerebral sci-fi thrillers To gather, Like Steve McQueen for experimental anthropology Small ax Series – We have you covered with good stuff. Without further ado, here are the top 10 best movies to stream on Amazon right now.

Metal sound

Picture: Amazon Studios

in Metal sound, Riz Ahmed presents a devastating performance as Reuben, a heavy-metal drummer whose life is thrown into chaos and uncertainty when he begins to lose his hearing and later re-adopt his approach to life Is forced to rehab. Reuben’s waning auditory perception has a dynamic sound design with memorable performances from Omwiah Cook and Paul Reichy, such as Ruben’s musical partner / lover Lu and Mentor, respectively. An affecting story of the amorphous nature of hope, frustration, and addiction, Metal sound One of the most beautiful films released in the last one year. –Tiese Egan

One night in miami

One group of men at a time

Photo: Amazon Studio

One night in miami There is a star-studded, semi-fictional account between civil rights leader Malcolm X (Kingsley Ben-Adir), soul singer Sam Cook (Leslie Odom Jr.), NFL champion Jim Brown (Aldis Hodge), and the landmark 1964. Boxing veteran Cassius Clay / Muhammad Ali (Eli Gore) played by HBO Janitor And If beale street can talk Star Regina King under his direction. From our review,

With this vast history in mind, feature director Regina King (the star of HBO’s guards) for the first time advances the story of social change and the people who catalyze it, when everyone feels the struggle for progress It is so good to do. Considered impossible or violent acts. But despite its heavy theme, it remains one of the most electrifying and downright fun historical dramas to come out of Hollywood in years.

The small x series

A large group of black protesters carry a Black Panther banner in Steve McQueen's Small X series film Mangrove

Photo: Amazon Studio

Five small Axis installments directed by 12 years a SlaveSteve McQueen, has triggered a lively debate over whether they should be classified as films or TV episodes. To throw a wrench in the works, here is a different take: they work best when taken as a long feature. Evergreen, Alex Wheatle, Lover rock, education, And red White and blue are doing The set Over the decades in London, among the flourishing subcultures of West Indian immigrants work, romance, community-building, and in particular the racism of the white establishment. The individual installments (which range from about one hour to more than two hours) each leave something to be desired, whether it is a more complete story or tight editing in the case of gambling areas. But taken as a whole, they feel like a strangely ambitious narrative, a generational look at a community striving for freedom in peace, equality, self-determination, and for some who have a hostile new home. Is, and is a native land for others still insists on treating them like foreigners. –Tasha Robinson

Snake hug

The man stands in front of the group in the embrace of the snake

Photo: Andres Cordoba / Courtesy of Andrisoscope Laboratories

2015 film by director Cero Guerra Snake hug A powerful and poetic picture of the effects of European colonialism and environmental destruction, as seen through the eyes of Karmaket, is the sole survivor of an Amazonian tribe murdered by rubber barons. Featuring a script written with native Amazonian consultants, and shot in stunning black and white, Snake hug It made history in 2016 when it was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards, becoming the only Colombian film to ever receive a nomination for an Oscar. –Te

Red line

Sweet JP and Sonoshe's race ended at Takeshi Koike Redline.

Photo: Katasuhito Ishii, Gastonia, Madhouse / Redline Partners

Takeshi Koike’s sci-fi action anime Red line, Which celebrated its 10-year anniversary in theaters only last year, is one of the most distinct and fascinating works of Japanese animation of its era. Red line Sweet is the story of JP, a daring racer with a ridiculous oversized pompad, who qualifies to compete in Epiphanes Redline, the most popular, dangerous and highly illegal racing tournament in the galaxy, all the while giving rise to nefarious crime. The Syndicate and the Fascist have been wounded by space. Empires. If you are shamelessly looking for exteriors and stylish action fare with fast cars, whimsical characters, and huge explosions, Red line An absolute must-see. –Te

Note: Redline quit Amazon Prime streaming on February 28

coming to America

Eddie Murphy in his fast food restaurant organization coming to America

Picture: Paramount Pictures

Then at the top of his game trading Places, Two Beverly Hills Cop films, and his legendary (if not controversial) stand-up concert film raw, Eddie Murphy draws his eyes from an African country made up of a rich, famous young prince, Zamunda, who is ready for a normal life. Unlike his hard-R-rated comedy, coming to America There is an unexpectedly endearing, level-headed rom-com, in which the open-hearted prince navigates the ups and downs of Queens, New York as he seeks the perfect woman. It is also a film that gave Murphy multiple roles in a single film; He and Arsenio Hall slip into the makeup of old age and Jerry Curl plays a variety of side characters, which brings a bigger laugh than Murphy’s Prince Akeem Jofer. The comedian should be indifferent to that experience – coming to America A few weeks before the long-awaited sequel arrives at Amazon, 2 coming to America, Premiered on stage. –Te


Fox and Rob Richardson in Still Time from Documentary Time.

Photo: Amazon Studio

Garrett Bradley’s 2020 documentary Time Fox recounts the dramatic story of Rich, the entrepreneur and mother of six children, and the pair, in their two-decade campaign for the release of her husband Rob G. Rich from a 60-year prison sentence for a failed robbery Attempted at the moment frustration in the early 90s. Produced from archived home video footage filmed by Rich himself, the film is an affecting and intimate portrait of the personal costs and human stakes of America’s prison system. Winner of Best Documentary Award at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival and the 30th annual Gotham Independent Film Awards, Time In the shadow of the American Karsevak system is a beautifully beautiful film of perseverance and hope. –Te

To gather

Nicholas Brendan, Maury Sterling, Lorraine Scafaria, Alex Manugian, Lauren Maher and Emily Baldoni in Coherence (2013)

Photo: oscilloscope laboratories

Writer-director James Ward Burkitt’s 2013 sci-fi thriller To gather Is a crossword puzzle box of multidimensional strangeness and terror of horrific existence. Led together by Emily Baldoni, everyone put together a strong performance, HomelandMaury sterling, and Vampire slayerNicholas Brandon. If you’re hungry for a tricky mix of Mumblecore cinema and sci-fi horror, To gather this is. –Te

The handmaiden

Kim Min-hee and Kim Tae-ree in Ah-ga-sisi (The Handmaiden)

Photo: Amazon Studios / Magnolia Pictures

Old boy Director Park Chan-wook’s elegant and elaborate erotic thriller in Korea in the 1930s was released to unanimous acclaim back in 2016, sparking an influx of audiences and critics for Park’s next turn to the director’s chair. Based on Sarah Waters’ 2002 novel FingersThe film follows Nam Suk-hee (Kim Tae-ri), a woman who works as a housekeeper for a Japanese heir (Kim Min-hee) in a sinister plot to end her legacy . Things quickly take more than several dozen turns, but an ever-increasing web of deception and deception as souk-hee and the heirs are brought ever closer. Whether you have seen it before or not, now is the perfect time to see what the nuisance is about while Park starts looking into the mystery of his upcoming romantic murder Decision to leave this year. –Te


Robert Downey Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal in the Zodiac.

Photo: Paramount Pictures

David Fincher’s 2007 mystery thriller The Elusive Zodiac Assassin to discover the thrilling theatricality is believed by many to be among his best, if not Best film of his career. With stunning performances by Mark Ruffalo, Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr., a sinister and subtle score courtesy of composer David Shire, and former cinematography of frequent Fincher collaborator Harris Sveids, it’s not hard to see why. Take three hours for this thinking person’s thriller. –Te

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