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UNIVERSE is a journey from NCSoft’s app featuring K-pop stars AI DeepFac

People on Twitter were saying that NCSoft has removed most of the creepy features of UNIVERSE, their K-pop fandom platform app, so it was okay to use it to get my eye on the people. NCSoft is a game company whose developers The blade And soul, An MMO I only know from Monster factory The episode where the hosts worry that they will go to jail after seeing the erotic character posed by their erotic Rat Baby. But people reported that the NCSoft app was scary and now it’s less scary, and so NCSoft has become a video game company that listens to fans. It would be foolish No To give all my money.

What were the dreadful things that they decided? They changed the UI of the app, mimicking the cult hit dating sim Fakir rasul. With plenty of calls to run in elections, it is now a gummified newsfeed with plenty of functional platform apps, an important mechanism for the band to like. Better than others), And has been replaced by currency Mm-Style glasses for something called a “clap”. The app also has a “studio” feature, where you can present Cartoni sculptures in the style of one Fortnite To end. Before that, even if you tap on female idols, those who are 16 years old, as if they were bent over, or turned back in a rat hair-esque manner. It has now been toned down. NCSoft also set the feature to give fans thousands of wins for not listening to their favorite DM’s AI deep voice of their favorite Idol gilt-tripping. Now, the robot that the DM sends you is not allowed to be horny.

UNIVERSE’s AI call feature still works like a dating sim. You make a booking with your Idol (so that the server can render your name), and you will see a meter showing the extent of the relationship between the two of you, placing the subscription on Sun-Cost Fallacy Logic . Even with the app’s digitizing, it still expects you to have a romantic crush on your prejudice. It includes material that is not generated by neural networks. A banner promises to send me a voicemail message from IZ-ONE’s Min-Ras. She is very cute because she talks to me and thousands of other fans as if we were her lovers, in a pastel-ice cream-parlor-fantasy kind of sense. As I see it, I am able to imagine a version of myself that is able to talk with men just as tenderly as the way my gender role has taught me that instead of being someone like that, Who tries to kill me by telling me. “You’re funny” nothing but the skinned-grape terror in their eyes. This message from Min-joo is no less fake than the AI ​​version of Min-joo available deep in the app. But a significant glimpse of Min-joo’s soul can be seen in her acting, and also that she is not trying to present herself as real.

This kind of video is easier to find on the app than a video of a band playing songs, which makes sense, because real music is a constant addition to a music industry based on tricking us into thinking that the stars We are friends. It is this sense of non-friendship that gives a high, personal wager that makes it susceptible to misguided moral ethics, and some criticisms of UNIVERSE seem a bit extreme. One faction believes the UNIVERSE app will allow people to frame members of The Boys for crimes (it’s hard to see how effective it is to disguise itself as one of the most famous people on the planet Will happen). Others are annoyed that because the AI ​​idol will give you whatever input according to your name, you can call them vulgar words that include horrible sexual offenses, and this is what the app does to personally commit horrible sex crimes. Is being made for real-life sculptures. These reactions seem disrespectful, but they also feel that there is something wrong with this whole idea – it is real people whose bodies are being fragmented and consumed, and this consumption is not just for technically sexual reasons. .

But once you get to this reaction of Gibbasian future-terror, a lot of such imaginative dramas can be benign. Printing stars are your friends, a popular pastime for gladiator sweat vials sold in ancient Rome. I saw a Twitter user’s claim that ATEEZ receiving “healing messages” from Mingi relieved him after appearing in the exam. I can relate; In moments of doubt during my -teens, I would like to imagine the sometimes frightening, Olympian advice metal Gear Hero solid snake. But Solid Snake is in a video game as he is a legendary war hero who infiltrates the impenetrable fortress to stop a nuclear armed moving tank called Metal Gears. Mingi is in a video game because there is a real person named Mingi who raps for a band, and his game version is just a normal guy who sends you pictures of his food, encouraging you to sleep well , And wants to take care of you.

I think it’s a failure of the imagination that the app got negative feedback when it was dropped because of so much K-pop. It is not the presence of idols of AI in the form of fantasy idols. It is that they are cast in the usual courtship and lover roles, as if out of contempt for their audience. K-pop often uses music videos as kafebe fiction, allowing bands to embody a fantasy larger than their own personality. If you’ve ever been surprised by the strength of the loyalty of BTS ARMY, it comes from the band’s “BTS Universe” Qafebe, a saga produced through the band’s music video featuring patriotism, torture, mistrust of authority, Are over-involved. The top death scenes, and the gorgeous men being emotionally shut down – the exact reason Solid Snake captivated my own teenage imagination.

The technique of dividing a voice from a person has a legitimate artistic potential. This does not take away from the themes of SM Entertainment’s new girl group Aspa, where each member gets an A. League of Legends-Style avatar is associated with him, which is a metaphor for his social media discussion. But, in the current incarnation of UNIVERSE, where AI is deployed as a means for its fans to remove their input of the idol – the labor-saving machinery for the friendship factory – it is only the distance between the idol and the fan Strengthens There is a reason why most fans download UNIVERSE only to use songs, dances, and videos of stars acting silly as themselves.

I fear the possibility that music does not really exist, and never did. I was born in the belief that this is real. My father was once in a punk band rejected by an experimental-piece label because his demo tape was “just noise”. He believes that all types of music are parallel routes to reach the same Pythagoras sublime; A pure and ecstatic music that exists beyond body, identity and self. When children grow in their parents’ trust, I manage to absorb it as a principle. I am still doing rituals because they are my culture. I am accepting for the first time that I am not sure if the sublime is real.

“Music Sound Better With You” is not just a song title. Music sounds good because we rely on other people’s cues to tell us how a person like us should respond. For example, it is possible to enjoy music, I enjoy K-pop. I enjoy the fact that, in the UK, you have to go purposefully to demand K-pop to hear it, which gives it an immediate advantage over the meaning that it isn’t Your Music (dogshit) but my Music (the next stage in human development). I also like that Dubstep-style dominated in 2013 that the dominating pop pop in South Korea is not immediately discredited and instead has room to evolve into attractive new shapes, which I also like because the chart in 2021 Being in dubstep shows that such a high level of calm, which I am able to play with reviving stuff from a 10-year hiatus, which can also exclude me as being disgusting behind that time if I Was not convinced about it. I prefer girl groups, because the idea of ​​a girl group has the irony of the 60s, which me as a feminist, seems nuanced and mysterious, while killing one of those masculine girl-fantasies mostly Women have, because we know enough to know that what we want is foolish and bad for us and we will hate it, but it does not stop us from wanting it with our whole souls. Also, the BTS fans I’ve communicated with on Twitter are all interesting, creative people who are actually very good to me. So I now approve of K-pop, and everyone else who is a friend of mine.

Do you see what I mean? Like all the ways you can use something artificial to make your brain part lighter, the exact feeling is going to depend on the music’s elite context – what area you’re going to have people tell you about you I want to think Listen to music with people who are like you, and it will reinforce you; Listen to it reminding you of the fact that the person it is for is not like you, and it will feel like nothing. I was raised to brand myself as one who goes beyond the worldly nonsense of celebrity and an unqualified tribalism of fake subculture. But if that’s the case, then why is it that the music I love the most is the stuff that I think Dad would like? My favorite way to listen to music is on a live gig in Manchester, a quiet town of punk and the quiet industrial gurgle in which I live and I always wanted to To live in, because I felt that the kind of person I could tell I would live in Manchester and go in jigs?

Suede performance at Albert Hall in Manchester

Brett of Suede performs at Albert Hall in Manchester, England on February 9, 2016.
Photo by Shirlaine Forrest / Redferns

And so I worry that all of this is an effect, my priorities are built against my will despite my best efforts. My father once feared this, even though in his youth, the only contact he had with the music geek underground was with the mimeographed fanzine. For me, stewing in lockdown instant pot with the only connection for people my age, is a bunch of my screens that I feel bad about, I have no way to experience music Without Algorithm layer of an empty, parasitic layer. Videos of people playing gimmick Mario Kart Bumps into my feed against a handcrafted album by my real, real-life friend, who is too immersed to say something terrible against a pop star, a stubborn child for hijacking on social media against entire propaganda machines To force with. me. And yet at the same time, away from loud speakers and large rooms, I no longer have any way to share that experience with other people.

But you know what I remember the most? I hated listening to music. Featureless chart pop played very loudly in a shop, with some jerky housemates vomiting from a phone speaker on the bus, as it was a way to connect with my culture and the lives of others around me. Without this way of measuring myself, music has turned my head to something that could possibly turn something into a bunch of pointless vibrations in the air. Was there ever music Real Because of what we agreed to as a social convention, it is about our society and the way we want others to see us – monarchy, or something like bitcoin.

I was asked to talk about what I think is the future of music, and here I am in the confession booth, telling you that there is no future because it was not real in the first place. In its place would be a music industry that would only build its raw product — a series of complex parachocial branding, which would serve as a means to make us feel that we had personalities. Maybe, when we return to the world of all people’s breaths and farts and unwanted eye contact, we will be able to confuse limbs and sweat and mutual judgment, in which the beating will be good. But lockdown has forced us to rely on parts of music that can be experienced on our screens, an algorithmic storm of personal identification markers that no longer need to be disabled as sound. And since it is so much cheaper than posting, it is about learning how to sing, I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to go back from here.

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