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The alleged capital rioter asked her to send him to the parents’ house

The 18-year-old Georgia accused in the capital riot told a judge that he would be a good boy if he was allowed to go to Mummy and Daddy’s house.

Bruno Joseph Cua, who has been in federal custody since his arrest on February 5 for his role in the on the nation’s capitol, has served as Judge Randolph D. of the US District Court. a letter to Moss, sending him home on Thursday and him to wait. testing, Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

According to the criminal complaint, the Feds were accused by Kua, of Milton, Georgia, of various other offenses, including federal officer, civil disorder and entering the Senate floor. According to the complaint, Cua was placed in a Senate chamber in a video posted by New York magazine and seen in a video.

Kua posted on his Instagram account, “Yes, at the behest of everyone, I attacked the capital (storm) with thousands (thousands) of patriots.” “What happened was incredible,” he continued. “Yes, we physically fought in our own way.”

The Journal Constitution said that the youngest person in the riot was involved in the riots, which he had joined after attending a former rally near the White House with his parents, which took him to Washington.

Bruno Kua Capital
The Fed’s Milton, Georgia players charged Cua with a federal officer, civil disorder, and various other offenses.

Kua sent a litigant, “I love you, I love you both.” On February 12, when he was denied bond to his people, 11 Alive of Atlanta reported.

He promised in his letter not to “step out a foot from the line” if he was able to return to his suburban Atlanta home.

The teen was denied bond in part online due to his history of violent rhetoric, including a January 6 post that said, “We did not the American people.” We attacked swamp rats, “according to the journal constitution.

Kua wrote, “Given how innocent my social media activity is, I understand your concerns.” “I am not a threat to anyone, and I will never take action on what I said.”

“I have completely lost those aggressive feelings and moved on from the whole sic idea,” he added a few sentences later. “I was wrong.”

Prosecutors also objected to leaving Qia in custody of her parents as they moved with her to Washington.

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