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The trend of ‘abolishing the monarchy’ after Meghan and Harry’s interviews

To copy a song from the legendary pink band Sex Pistols Band, it could be “Anarchy in Britain” – if Twitterverse has anything to say about it.

After a two-hour sit-down interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s chat show Queen Oprah Winfrey, #AbolishTheMonarchy Is trending a lot on Twitter.

The latest cancellation-culture campaign revealed by the 39-year-old Markle that she Contemplated suicide Amidst a barrage in the headlines accusing the castle’s staff of crying “Hurricane Meghan” – present in a poisonous environment, where her son’s complexion Archie’s skin was the subject of debate.

Following the CBS interview, the hashtag #AbolishTheMonarchy was flooded on Twitter, with some posters inviting the 36-year-old prince’s beloved mum criticizing the royal family.

“Diana finally said on that evil family,” a helper Posted by twitter user. He protected his child. #Tam Meghan #AbolishTheMonarchy

Another social-media justice warrior chimed in: “People who wake up today are realizing that the British monarchy is a classist, racist institution? Okay. Sure. #AbolishTheMonarchy

Of course, the royal family had their own Twitter defenders – which annoyed some hashtaggers with a boot-licking list:

Another tweeter reported that an American – a black – had come to the rescue of the couple, who claimed it was their time of need, “Firm” was canceled

His personal safety amidst death threats.

“Black is Beautiful – When Tyler Perry offers Harry and Meghan his home and security, the royal family will not” Posted a. “Oprah allowed him to tell his story when the royal family would not. A black person gave them a house. A black woman gave him a platform #AbolishTheMonarchy

Some hashtag Clout Chaser expressed support for the Duchess of Sussex: “Meghan’s pride for opening up to what has happened to her” Posted a. “Just hearing what she was doing and how badly she was treated, is very shocking. #AbolishTheMonarchy

However, the hashtag’s consensus was a clarion call that Princess Diana once called her “Raised in Marriage” long before it had made its place in modern society.

“The royal family repeatedly expressed concern about the color of their baby’s skin,” the British actor-director Posted by David Schneider Especially in the tart tweet. He said, “They discussed not giving him the royal title. They failed to save him from tabloid race-baiting. The monarchy is not fit for purpose. It must go.”

The Republic, a UK-based “campaign to replace the monarchy with a head of state”, announced that the interview “finds this amazing country ridiculous. We deserve better and can do better.”

The palace has not yet been offered official commentary on the latest intrigue surrounding Prince Harry and Markle.

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