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GOP polls want gas tax to be halted amidst the devastation of the colonial pipeline

ALBANY – Top Republican leaders are asking the government to temporarily suspend the state’s gas tax after nearly one week of the colonial pipeline raising pump prices. shut down.

State Senate Minority Leaders Rob Ort (R-Lockport) and Sen. Andrew Lanza (R-Staten Island) wrote in a letter, “National gas prices have already risen six cents since the Ransomware attack and potential supply Threatens to move forward with a lack of. ” On Wednesday.

Colonial announced that they are starting operations in a statement on Wednesday evening, but it will take “several days” before the normal product delivery program resumes.

“Gas prices in New York have now exceeded three dollars per gallon – for the first time in six years, prices have reached this level. State and local sales taxes add about twenty cents per gallon to New York – among the nation’s highest, “he said.

The company suffered a serious cyber attack last Friday that jeopardized the company’s technical systems and began purchasing terror in some southern states over the past few days.

Andrew Lanza
State Sen. Andrew Andrewza wrote a letter that gas prices are the highest, the highest in six years.

This prompted the governor of Georgia to suspend his own state tax on gas on time.

Although politicians welcome news of the reopening, sources said they still feel the state should get economic relief from the already difficult epidemic in New York.

“The epidemic has already put severe pressure on our economy. Gas prices play a major role in our economy in terms of freight, promoting tourism or helping to bring New Yorkers back to work. Keeping our gas prices under control will undoubtedly aid our ongoing economic recovery, ”he continued.

Robert ort
State Senate Minority Leader Rob Ort wrote that gas prices could rise even more due to supply shortages.
Hans Pennink

Cuomo’s office said in a statement that they are actively talking to the Biden administration, but the shortage has not negatively affected the Empire State.

“At this time, state regulators and are closely monitoring distribution and pricing in New York and have found no indication of supply challenges or price impacts to the New Yorker as a result of the shutdown, nor have we affected New Yorkers To have seen the price spike, “said Haley Vickaro

“While the major supply lines of a colonial pipeline have resumed service, New York continues to receive fuel from the sea and trucks. The state will continue to work closely with our federal and state partners, as well as fuel distributors, To monitor the issue and secure the supply chain for all New Yorkers. “

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