After listing it, Nellie finds a buyer for the days she leaves the house.

It really should be money.

Rapper Nelly, who was born as Cornell Irle Haynes Jr., has already found a buyer for his abandoned St. Louis-area home, which can report to The Post only days after it hit the market.

The 12-acre property was first listed on February 11, with only one proposal on February 18, Missouri property records show.

The price point, at $ 600,000, would be appealing enough for someone to quickly snatch the property.

But whoever is the new owner will have a lot of work to do to get the place up and running.

With no plumbing, no floors and lots of renovations to be done, this is what the biz calls an “upper-upper”.

Nellie, 46, bought the house back in 2002 for an estimated $ 2 million, hoping to flip it. But the mansion has been sitting idle for the last two decades.

It seems that this year, the “Hot in Here” singer decided to reduce her losses and sell the property for cheap.

Built in 1998, the house is located about 30 miles from St. Louis and just minutes from Hidden Valley Ski Resort in nearby Eureka City.

Was a six-bedroom, seven-bathroom home located in Wildwood Robbed in 2009. It is uncertain what exactly was stolen from this empty structure.

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