Blake Lively paints her Manolo Blahnik shoes with nail polish


Blake Lively is committed to a cohesive look — even if it means potentially ruining a pair of designer shoes.

The “Simple Favor” actress, 34, shared photos of herself at an event for Betty Buzz, her new line of drink mixers, at the Empire State Building in New York City Tuesday night on her Instagram Story.

She appeared to have taken some cues from Betty Boop with her all-red look, though the mom of three pointed to “Sex and the City” as her point of inspiration, writing, “if Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte had a baby.”

Lively wore a bejeweled Georges Chakra minidress and accessorized with plenty of matching ruby jewelry, along with Manolo Blahnik heels she’d customized with a crafty DIY.

In a list of apologies for the night, Lively revealed that she painted the white jewels on her “Hangisi” pumps ($995) with red nail polish for a monochromatic effect, moments before she walked out the door.

“Worth it tho??” she quipped.

Blake Lively posted some apologies on her Instagram Story
Even though her look was a hit, Lively had some apologies — including to Manolo Blahnik — for the outfit.

Lively also apologized to Max Mara for tying her coat “like I’m the 5th Golden Girl,” and to the color pink “for using you to cheat on the color red.”

The blond bombshell always enjoys poking fun at her own fashion; she once Photoshopped a pair of shoes onto her bare feet for an Instagram post, and let 4-year-old daughter style her in some questionable duds.

Celebrity friends like Gigi Hadid and Gal Gadot didn’t seem to mind Lively’s fashion faux pas, with the former commenting, “Gooorrrggggg” on her Instagram post.