Check out the Jeff Gordon-Clint Bauer ‘Days of Thunder’ style rental car race at Daytona

Jeff Gordon and Clint Bauer had their tense moments as drivers of the NASCAR Cup Series. The 2012 battle in Phoenix is ​​still remembered. But they are the best buds in the Fox broadcast booth during the start of the 2021 season.

Gordon, Bauer, and Fox had a lot of fun with this past weekend’s “Clash” angle at Daytona. And what better way could there be than a 30-day “Thunder of Thunder” last year?

Thought “Rental cars.”

If you’ve seen the segment that aired before Sunday’s race, then you know it was fun to watch and it looked like Gordon and Bauer have shot it. If you haven’t seen it, see:

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If Fox wants the bit to be on. . . We will just tell that Taldega is the spring race in April and the network will broadcast it.

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