Elon Musk kills Texas power grid operator

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday slammed Texas’ electrical grid operator for an incredible winter, as millions of residents were left without electricity during a historic winter storm that brought record freezing temperatures to the state.

Oysters Tweeted The state’s energy agency, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), is “not earning that r.”

In December, the billionaire moved to Austin from California, where he is building a new Tesla factory.

Meanwhile, Texas posted on social media that they slept in their Tesla cars to keep warm during the cold nights.

In 2019, Tesla Issued a vehicle With the “Camp Mode” feature, which allows owners to use the car’s climate control for more than a day without destroying the battery.

“We had 6 hours of electricity last night. There is no gas in our house, and we ran out of firewood. . . what we are going to do,” A reddit user has written

R / TeslaMotors on stage.

“So my wife my dog ​​and my newborn daughter slept in the garage in our Model 3 and all was nice and comfortable. If I didn’t have this car, it would have been a very difficult night, “the user said.

One Twitter user wrote: “I slept at Tesla LOL.” It is very easy. More importantly, warm

Texas Government. Greg Abbott Announced On Tuesday he is calling on more than four million residents to investigate an “anything but reliable” energy company after enduring cold temperatures during a blackout.

ERCOT said that by Tuesday night electricity had been restored in 600,000 homes and businesses, but about three million still had no electricity.

Officials did not give a clear timeline as to when the power would be fully restored.

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