Fake lashes of the lockdown party host, exposed by earrings

A British woman who threw a party defining coronovirus lockdown rules answered the door for police in her nightwear – but the rest of her getup eluded Ragger, the video shows.

Unknown woman was seen Police extracted footage Opening the door in a pink and white robe after Friday midnight in Birmingham.

“There is no party here,” he can be heard saying to the authorities.

“Are you sure? Because I’m pretty sure we saw the multicolored lights shining and then suddenly they left when you realized the police were here,” one policeman replied.

Seeing that he had dressed for sleep, one of the officers asked him, “Do you always sleep in tights?”

Another yelled in, “More earrings?”

“And false eyelashes?” One of them said.

Police entered the house to find 14 people, Sky News reports.

Some guests were given permission to exit the property, but three people were arrested in connection with the house party, the outlet reported.

The unlawful assembly charges a fine of between $ 280 and $ 14,024 during the latest lockout in the country.

Currently, no one in England can meet anyone inside their home, The BBC reported.

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