Gamer kills opponent, posting body video online

According to reports, a Brazilian gamer has confessed to killing a female professional “Call of Duty” opponent after uploading a gruesome video of her blood-soaked body to social media.

18-year-old Guilherme Alves Costa allegedly stabbed 19-year-old Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva at his Sao Paulo home, where he went to take part in the “Call of Duty: Mobile” contest on Monday. The Times of London reported.

Fellow gamers raised the alarm after Elves Costa – who played online under the name “Torchlight” for the team “Gamers Elite” – posted grisly footage.

“You’re thinking it’s inked or it’s edited or something else, but it’s not,” Elvis Costa said laughingly online.

“I really killed him, got it? I’ve got a book too. I asked some people to share it. I hope you read it. It contains some truths,” he said, According to the mirror.

Guilharme Alves Costa was arrested after allegedly stabbing Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva.
Guillermo Elves Costa was arrested after allegedly stabbing Bueno da Silva.

The report states that the book is a 52-page manifesto in which Alves Costa explained why he committed the alleged crime, complaining of being tired of life, having no goals, and not meeting people.

He reportedly fled the scene but police were called when his brother reached home and found the woman on the floor.

According to the Mirror, Alves Costa had called his family saying that he would commit suicide, but his brother talked to him.

The Times reported that when police arrived at his home in the suburb of Piratuba, he asked him a motive.

“Because I wanted to,” he reportedly later said: “I know the seriousness of this situation.”

Alves Costa is said to have told investigators that the victim had crossed [his] Path, ā€¯according to the Mirror.

Bueno da Silva, whose online name was Sol, competed professionally for a group called Fantastic Brazil Impact.

Bueno da Silva competed professionally
Bueno da Silva competed professionally in “Call of Duty” for a group called Fantastic Brazil Impact.

According to the Times, in a statement the team said, “He was an extraordinary man, whom we will remember every day that the sun rises.”

The Gamers Elite representative told local media that the team’s leadership had never met the alleged killer and expressed shock at the murder.

Guillerme Alves Costa met Oliveira Bueno da Silva through the game
Guilharme Alves Costa met Oliveira Beano da Silva through playing “Call of Duty”.

The video gaming industry has experienced a sharp increase in global sales amid the coronovirus epidemic, with billions of people spending more time in their homes and being distracted in lockdown.

The Times reported that in Latin America, e-commerce portal Mercado Libre reported a 200 percent increase in sales of gaming merchandise last year.

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