Good streak for fan-less Knicks games

It was the last night of fake noise in the Garden. And it was also the last night of No Garden Boz.

The sound of artificial cheers sounded by the building’s entertainment staff for the 14 Garden Games will be replaced by the actual live voice by Tuesday vs. Warriors.

Now she can perform live voices as well as zero.

Which brings us to The Tom Thibodo Revenge Game Sunday which almost turned into a disaster, but wound up as a rather lucky win, 103–99 razor-close.

Minnesota coach Ryan Saunders was fired from the game after two years and a month even after his return to the fourth quarter, as Thibodo found the ax there. The time was poetic.

The Knicks of Thibodo led by 21 points in the second half but then collapsed. Thibodo’s former team took a one-point lead in the final minute. Yes, it is a good thing that Andrew Cuomo did not lift the fan ban for Sunday’s game as the Knicks were ruthlessly hit against the NBA’s worst team.

Carl-Anthony Townes, a Minnesota player who had ripped Thibodo in the past, took the lead in the fourth quarter and almost became a hero. But with 30 seconds left, City’s potential Minnesota game win over former Minnesota / Thibodo favorite, Taj Gibson. Town finished with 27 points but finished with another loss.

“I was lucky,” said Gibson.

“Eventually we found a way to win the game,” Thibodo said.

The Knicks victory gave the Knicks a home record of 8-6 before vacant seats. Not too shabby in view of cellar expectations.

The epidemic does not end on Tuesday, but the closed doors of the Garden do. Under Cuomo’s new regulation, the Garden will host 2,000 fans starting with Stephen Curry’s 30-foot 3-point bomb.

It has been strongly at MSG in recent games compared to when the season started on 27 December. According to sources, Thibodeau likes fake fan noise. Perhaps he encouraged the Garden to increase the volume.

When Mix were out of Minnesota in the second quarter, RJ Barrett knocked a ball away, Alec Burke dove to make it coral on the floor and prone to Derrick Rose. Rose sprouted Upcourt and led Barrett to Brexit Jam.

It was the last night of fake noise in the Garden.
It was the last night of fake noise in the Garden.
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This knots grit was personified and an artificial noise erupted, then quickly faded away. Fans will decide on Tuesday when to stop making noise through their masks.

“Even with the fake noise, it kind of sounds the way it sounds when I watch it on TV.” “It’s definitely a discussion without fans. So I’m sure that with fans, it’s going to be even more lively. So I’m excited to bring fans back to the building. ”

Wait until Quick hears real cheers as he checks into the game on Tuesday. Julius Randall, who finished with 25 points, 14 rebounds and four assists, would also be seeded for his All-Star-level campaign.

By Tuesday night, Randall would know if the coaches selected him as an All-Star reserve. With the Knicks leading the record 15–16, there is no doubt.

The cap of 2,000 patrons is not very high, but it is a piece of normalcy. Do not expect ticket scalpers outside of all tickets to be digital. But the secondary market is hopping.

Tickets are priced at $ 100 on the Knicks website for Golden State at $ 360, $ 578 on the secondary-ticket website, and $ 1,554 for the club’s second home opener.

“I remember a Knicks fan,” Frank Nitilina said. “The Knicks are the best fans in the fan league and keeping them in the garden is the best thing. ‘

The adage “Be careful what you wish for” may apply. With no fan following, there was no bounce that would have led the Knicks to a 16-point lead after three quarters.

Perhaps the epidemic would have softened this fan base. After all these terrible seasons, they can finally enjoy Thibodo’s defensive-oriented team that has allowed the fewest points in the NBA.

The way he has played here the most nights, it is easier to imagine the chanting of “D-Fens” sooner than Bose. In fact, at the last minute on Sunday, Garden recited his first fake “day-fence” chant.

“We know how important our fans are to our organization, the city,” Thibodo said.

Although fans are absent, a limited amount of journalists have been allowed on Chase Bridge. The media is very much deployed to hear the chatter of players. And there is a lot of it. In Washington, my lone road game, Wizards placed the media in a 100-level suite.

With no fans and a slight amount of fake noise in DC, the sound of players moaning after a referee’s whistle is audible. It is like watching a pick game.

When there is a loose ball, the players echo “Get it, get it, take it out”. When the balls went out of bounds, it sounded like 10 players shouting “Our ball!”

In the 100-level Garden Ticket Holder should be able to hear all that restrictions. This is where owner James Dolan now sits. He shifted his seat from baseline to 100-level in midcourt next to the nickline.

Knicks executives Leon Rose, William Wesley, Scott Perry and Alan Houston Courton sit close to the action along the shore – where Celebrity Row used to reside. On Sunday on a G-League scouting mission with Perry, strategy director Brock Eller replaced Perry.

While Thibodo loves fake noise, the atmosphere can often feel depressing. I also remember the boon.

Fourteen fan garden games are in the books – a scene hopefully never to be copied.

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