Google Maps finally rolls out Dark Mode on Android

The Google Maps app is getting a real dark mode, at least on Android. The company announced today that it is finally releasing the Dark Theme option that it is testing in the app From september 2020.

Dark Mode, which takes things much further than the previously available Night Mode color option, will be accessible in the app’s Settings menu under this theme. ”

Google announced dark mode rollout Batch of new features Coming to Android, some updates for Android Auto are also included. Apart from custom wallpaper, Android AU is now going to feature games as well. Common sense rift

, Creepy!, Song quiz, And Google’s lucky themselves? will be available. The game can be accessed via an assistant by saying “Hey Google, play a game”.

Android Auto is also getting a split-screen feature that will keep the maps side-by-side with media control, such as what Apple started doing on CarPlay in iOS 13 in 2019. (Although this feature will only be available in cars with wider displays.) Google is also adding shortcuts to the Android Auto launch screen, which will allow quick access to the weather or to install your home thermostat.

The Android Auto feature will be available in compatible cars on “Android 6.0 and above” in the coming days. Google Maps Dark Mode will roll out “soon”.

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