Heidi Cruz and children go home to Texas after Cancun vacation

For Heidi Cruz and children it is back in Texas.

Lone Star State Sen. Ted Cruz’s family was stationed at Cancun’s airport on Saturday afternoon for a two-and-a-half-hour flight.

During the Wednesday-Saturday-Saturday vacation at the Mexican resort the senator’s brood did without him, Cruise embarrassed himself after turning the tail and skipping the Tone-Def trip.

Cruise has suffered a massive set-back for his trip to Cancun, with Houston’s own police chief calling on the senator to withstand historic cold weather, leaving millions behind due to lack of electricity supply and rising water Supported the senator for

Even Chris Christie, the former-NJ government, has enjoyed a moment of Skadanfred at his expense.

Cruz at one point blamed the trip on his daughters, who are ages 10 and 12, saying he asked for the trip and that he was just a “good daddy”.

But now children will have to quarantine for seven to ten days from their expensive Houston private school.

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