HelloFresh apologizes after customer receives bottle of urine with delivery

A food delivery service was forced to apologize on Sunday after a customer showed a bottle of urine with his order.

The unwanted ingredient – which apparently came in an empty plastic Coca-Cola bottle – was included in the HelloFresh meal kit delivered to an address in the UK.

“Hey @ Halofreshuk , I’ll keep it simple: Why have I received someone’s bottled urine as part of my order? “Oliver McManus tweeted on Sunday, with a picture of the bottle in question.

When other Twitter users speculated that the bottle was filled with apple juice, McManus offered to return the bottle to HelloFresh.

“I will send it to you and if you are doing so, you can complete it.” [sic] Doubtful, ”he tweeted.

Others reported that the bottle was accidentally left there by a warehouse worker or a delivery driver. McManus agreed, stating that the box was already partially opened when it arrived.

“I want the last thing to sack or trouble anyone as a result of this incident. It is unfortunate that this happened, but I am sure it raises some broad questions about working conditions in the UK, “McManus Told The Independent.

HelloFresh immediately responded to McManus on Twitter, saying he “lacked words to tell us how sorry we are” before issuing a lengthy apology to UK media outlets.

“Given the completely unacceptable nature, we are urgently investigating our delivery company as well as how an open box was delivered with this bottle.

“We apologized directly to Mr. McManus and gave a reasonably good indication. We are doing everything possible to ensure that this does not happen again.

McManus appears to have taken delivery fisco in progress, writing in a final tweet: “Am I concerned about the wider working conditions in the UK? Yes. Do I think someone should be dismissed? No, do I think so many people would care? No, will I keep tweeting about boxing? Yes.”

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