Joe Biden’s disastrous opening week

I hate to say that I told you so, but …

Joe Biden was sworn in as the thirty-sixth President of the United States a few weeks ago and apparently received just over eighty One million Votes in popular election, making Biden the most popular president. Not in america but ever On earth (which makes former president trump Second The most popular president ever Seventy Million votes – but I digress). Is more popular than Springbok mobile. Would you believe it

When Biden’s victory was announced, the political left was pleased. He performed on the streets (violating all the Kovid rules he pushed for), taunted Wright (sometimes even qualified) on social media, and the media hailed in a new era — or rather, He breathed a sigh of relief, a return to the pre-Trump era. It was described as “a return to normalcy”.

In fact, the media may be enough for Joe Biden. After Biden’s inauguration speech, the media was providing information about the man. After a long time, Biden spoke at a memorial service held in honor of those who died because of Kovid, and for this the lights at the Washington Monument with reflecting pools were switched on.

David Challin, a CNN vice president, was practically having an orgasm about it during his network coverage of the event, “The contrast on display tonight was so stark, I mean those lights from the Lincoln Memorial with the refining pool Shooting outside, it’s almost like Joe Biden’s arms expansion is embracing America…

Speaking of David Chelin, Project Veritas told his staff during a conference call on October 14Th Not to report on Hunter Biden’s foreign behavior. According to a poll, ten percent of Biden voters would have changed their vote if they had known about the Hunter Biden story before the election … more than enough to swing the vote the other way. But he is neither here nor there.

However, more and more voters and presidents are getting disenchanted with Biden and can just begin to realize how much their ignorance is going to cost them. Come, breaking every disastrous policy, Biden has opened his first term which will have tremendous consequences for years to come.

Biden lost thousands – On my first day in office

The Keystone Pipeline was a large-scale international infrastructure work designed to haul Canadian oil into the United States. Joe Biden rescinded his construction as one of the first executive orders that he put into law and fired eleven thousand construction workers.

In addition, Biden placed a “sixty-day halt” on federal land leasing, meaning there is no drilling or fracking on federal land. Never make thousands of people out of jobs because of it … Never assume that America was free because of fracking … Never thought it was something Biden promised not to do specifically on the campaign trail.

However depending on which demographic he was talking to. Both Biden and Vice President Kamala gave contradictory answers as to what they were going to do about fracking. They contradicted each other and themselves many times.

According to Frank Macchirola, Senior Vice President of Policy, Economics and Regulatory Affairs at the American Petroleum Institute, Biden’s policies could help end the US well One million Jobs. Now broadly, Machirola is not fair at all, given who he works for, but given the amount of confirmed jobs already lost, all tangential jobs that will be lost indirectly Can be very high.

Oh yes, and all the unions that supported Biden during the campaign are sad to say the least. LIUNA posted about it on Twitter, saying, “Pipeline construction has been a lifeline for many LIUNA members across the country. The anticipated decision to cancel the Keystone Pipeline will kill thousands of well-paid UNs! “

Biden Corona Plan… Continue Trump’s Plan

Joe Biden has been railing for months now that the Trump administration had no plans for the Kovid-19 fight and Joe Biden had a plan and was going to trigger the epidemic. He posted it several times on social media. He spoke loudly about this during publicity rallies. They reduced the loss of life due to the epidemic.

And he did nothing but prove that he is a raunchy buffalo, if not just a flat out liar.

First, Biden promised to reach one hundred million Kovid vaccinations within the first hundred days of office. And it looks like we’re on track for that … and well before Biden was also sworn in, when asked if Biden had tried to do something better, he replied Granted, “When I announced it, you all said. Not possible. Come on, leave me, man. It’s a good start – 100 million.”

… like he is responsible for this achievement. Such as media ever Criticized his or her policy proposals.

But who cares, because he doesn’t even follow the new policies that the HE law writes about, such as his mask mandate that he immediately break the day he signed …

Oh, yes, and then he filled all of us with confidence and calmed people’s minds when he told reporters, “There is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the epidemic in the next few months.”

Man, ladies and gentlemen with plans.

However, I forget to mention one additional thing that Biden DID does. Remember last year, when President Trump stopped all flights to China? Remember when Biden called it xenophobic, and Nancy Pelosi encouraged Americans “to get off in China Town?”

Well, now that Biden is in office, he has banned travel of non-US citizens from Europe, Brazil, Ireland, the UK and South Africa. Wow, I didn’t realize that Biden was such a xenophobe. Tut tut.

BLM: Useful Idiots

Now, I am not going to talk about what BLM means to you. This is not really relevant to the point I am trying to make here. However, Beaden carried out his campaign on BLM-driven policies. He encouraged them, and they supported him (between burning and plunder- sorry, could not resist).

Even she chose Kamala Harris as her VP, even though she was easily one of the least popular candidates in the DNC primary. Now she can No Has been selected for VP due to her skin color … but it really looks like she was chosen because of her skin color.

But if the Biden administration has proved anything, it could not care less about minorities or the younger man. Biden has not met BLM even once since he was sworn in – a fact that the group is completely vivid on Twitter.

Biden raises insulin price

Like the headline says it all. Joe Biden removed a Trump HHS rule that lowered the price of insulin, an important drug for diabetic patients. Needless to say, diabetic Biden supporters were not pleased.

Patriarchy now dominates women’s sports

The whole idea of ​​a women’s league in sports was to give fair sex an equal shot at the championship. Men and women are biologically different, and that’s fine. Feminism should be about giving every woman the same rights that every man has, and you will work hard to find a man who will disagree.

Weld is not happy with the feminist Biden administration. Why? Because they legalized transgender men (men to women) to play in women’s sports.

Why is that a problem? Because transgender MTFs are biologically, not female. There are hundreds of significant differences between men and women that are more than just genitalia. For example brain makeup, chromosome and hip size.

More relevant to sports, men, even MTF, have significantly higher testosterone levels than women, which affects everything from aggression to muscle mass and bone density. In sports such as boxing, men can hit harder, take harder hits, and simply overweight, thereby improving stability.

Now let me be clear: not every man is stronger than every woman. I’m talking average and bell curves, and it’s not sexist to point out this stuff. The greatest man will outstrip the strongest woman only because of the huge biological benefits.

So when Biden legalized men entering the women’s league, they completely dominated every category. Mac Beggs won several state titles in women’s wrestling. Fallen Fox destroyed her rival in the MMA, stating, “The Skull of the Transgender MMA Fighter Breaks Opposition”.

In other words, Biden’s feminist supporters, who get the label “TERF”, were not happy that the men were now handling the women’s league of the game. It turns out that the best female athletes are men. Whoops.

Climate change… and, you know, the point…

Biden was very firm during his campaign that climate change was an issue that needed to be addressed. It wasn’t very clear yet How This needs to be addressed.

For example, as mentioned earlier, he was very wishful about whether he would ban fracking. In fact, he specifically promised on several occasions that he would No Ban Fracking. However, at other rallies and events, he specifically promised that he would Would like Ban Fracking.

Now that confusion has been settled because Biden is going to stop IS fracking. It is possible. Maybe. So climate activists may be happy with this, at least, before gas prices skyrocket and all the oil shipped from the Middle-East and China is way too high for carbon emissions to fall.

Aha, but Biden at least got award-winning climate change activist John Carey as his climate envoy! What awards did he win? A Climate Change Award. Why? Okay, I’m not sure, but it is certain that to fight climate change, given that he is the type of man who flew to Iceland on a private jet to take his prize. Asked about this, he said, “If you replenish your carbon – this is the only option for someone like me who is traveling the world to win this battle,” Carey said.

You know, it could be at least try Not to sound like self-serving ignorance.

Oh and they chatted Paris Climate Agreement Trump drove out the US, and Biden promised to rejoin. The philosophy behind this is that by taxing the carbon emissions of each country, they will take steps to move towards greener economies.

And all. No real advice on how to do it get A green economy that won’t be called a tank economy. No proposed plans or projects. Just to grab a penny has been punished and discouraged. In addition, the money collected from First World countries will be sent to third world countries to bring the agreement, a pinky promised that this money will be used to reduce carbon emissions. Because if there is someone who will use the billions of dollars of taxpayer responsibly to save the environment, its third world dictators?

… Where is my pen?

For years now, we were told nonstop by the media that Trump was a fascist. A Nazi. A dictator. We were told that Trump would refuse to leave office and that he would use the military to power himself. That he would stop the oval office and simply refuse to leave.

Well, clearly, it did not happen. Trump stepped down, and Biden was sworn in, surrounded by his close friends, family and several thousand National Guards whom he called. He then broke the record for the number of executive orders signed in the first week of office. He signed twenty-two. By comparison, Trump signed one, Obama signed four, and Bush signed no in his first week.

So just to double check, who was called a fascist dictator again?

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