Knights analyze potential Andre Drummond trade

The Knicks are a stunning 3-2 since breaking center Mitchell Robinson’s right hand.

New center tandem Nerlens Noel and Taj Gibson have provided rebound and defense in those five games.

But both have added an average of 11.4 points. As the Warriors suffered a loss on Tuesday, the Knots may still need a scoring upgrade to remain in playoff status as Robinson arrives in late March.

According to an NBA source who has been in contact with the Knicks, the club has not made a decision, but are “analyzing” whether to make a play for on-the-block Cavaliers center Andre Drummond in a chemistry and win. Makes sense from the point of view of. The Knicks are the lowest scoring team in the NBA.

The Cavaliers are getting desperate as they shop Drummond, for the past two weeks they have been trying to find a new home. The Cavaliers are not believed to be asking for a higher price.

One of the second-round Knacks contingent and an outside roster piece such as Austin River or Frank Nitlikina, who is out of rotation and free agents this summer, will probably do the trick.

Andre Drummond Trade Block Cavaliers Nucks
Cavaliers center Andre Drummond on 11 January 2021.
NBAE via Getty Image

The Knicks are the most flexible team to push the Drumster’s $ 28 million contract into their roster as they still have $ 15 million in cap space.

Drummond, 27, has reported in the Post that Nux would be considered a solid destination as a Mount Vernon native. The Cavaliers, after an 8-8 start, are now rebuilding around ex-Nets center Jarrett Allen, whom they acquired in the James Harden mega-deal.

The Knicks of Tom Thibodo want to make the playoffs this season but are slim at the front.

Thibodo still has not used a small alignment with All-Star Julius Randle for the first time at center and rookie Obi Topin in power. Thibodo has also mulled – but not employed – forward power with Randall in center 3-point shooter Kevin Knox back into the rotation.

Toppin looked good on Tuesday, with 3 of the 3 going with a beautiful alley-oop slam, a hook shot in the lane and a late 3-pointer.

Meanwhile, Drummond has been a double-double wrecking ball for later years and averages 17.5 points and 13.5 rebounds. He is ranked second in the NBA.

Drummond’s field-goal percentage is 47.4 – with analytical gurus for an elder.

Some pundits wonder whether, according to, spacing could be an issue with Randall as Drummond made 21 field-goal attempts more than 10 feet from the rim. However, Robinson has taken zero shots from 10 feet away.

A trade for Drummond as a rental would also serve as a good experiment to see if Randall, now considered a long-term piece, has chemistry with Drummond, a two-time All -Star, but despite them, an old school center is considered better passing and free-throw shooting.

Toronto was working on a deal for Drummond but the salary-cap math is difficult. The Raptors will have to drop several players. Drummond can be bought if no deal can be found.

One factor in supporting the addition of Drummond is Noel’s knee. Noel missed five games this season with knocked knees and is now averaging 27 minutes after Robinson was injured. There is no timetable for Robinson’s return.

Noel has been in foul trouble and according to some scouts, Robinson does not have the size or strength to consistently do what he does.

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