Nine best coaching candidates from the Sabers fired Ralph Krueger

In the end, it happened: Sabers general manager Kevin Adams fired head coach Ralph Krueger on Wednesday for less than 24 hours after the team lost in its 12th straight game. Why it took so long, no one has any idea, but seeing that the team looked absolutely dreadful and ready to miss the postsman for the 10th straight year, it was certainly not unexpected.

Kruger, who was in his second season with the club, set a disappointing 36–49–12 record in 97 matches. He was the fifth coach since 16-year-old mainstay Lindy Ruff was fired on February 20, 2013. Five coaches: Ron Rolleston, Ted Nolan, Dan Bylesma, Phil Housley and Kruger. Eight years and five coaches a month.


Stepping behind the bench for the East Division’s basement is Don Granato, an assistant coach under Kruger. The brother of Wisconsin head coach Tony Granato and Cammy Granato, the Hockey Hall of Famer and arguably one of the greatest women to lace up skates, Don also worked with Blackhawk as an assistant to Joel Quenneville. Named interim head coach, there is no guarantee – or hope – that he will come in handy in May.

“I’m not going to put any railings right now,” Adams said Wednesday. During a call with reporters. “The search will be effective immediately. I have it in my head and have thought a lot about the characteristics and characteristics that I think will be important to this team and organization. A lot of people I would talk to. A lot of people will be involved in the decision. I do not want to rush into anything or make any quick decisions.

“It’s about getting it right. Saying that I am looking for this or that, but this is the right person and this is important. “

Granto is not expected to be a miracle worker for the next two months; This is a team that, as previously mentioned, lost 12 straight where they were 50-25 and shutout four times. They are also missing captain Jack Eichel due to injury and other top forwards, such as Jeff Skinner and Taylor Hall, are also missing on the ice.

So what’s next for the Sabers? With the idea that this team’s roster needed to be torn down and built back-up, a veteran head coach would most likely be in Western New York.

Here are some ex-bench bosses – and some current ones – who may soon receive a call from the 716 number.

Coaches all candidates

Mike babcock

Babcock would be interesting in the NHL and could be the same thing to change things around Buffalo as he did in Toronto. However, Adams talked about his desire to change the culture, and making certain that he would do so, could anyone trust him that this was the right way to see how his leaf tenure ended?

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Bruce Boudreau

He has won awards, coaching superstars like Alex Ovchin and missed the playoffs in only two full seasons as a head coach. He has expressed a desire to return to the game after being relegated by Minnesota last season.

Gerard Gallant

In a shocking move, Gallant was let go by the Golden Knights in January 2020. He has had enough experience coaching a rag-tag group – he led Vegas to the Stanley Cup Final in the first year of his existence – and may just be chuggle to get the ship right.

Claude Julian

After getting the ax in Montreal, Julian could be the veteran the Sabers needed to corner. And he knows that during his tenure in Boston and north of the border, there was a team that coached against Buffalo for years.

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David quinn

Yes, Quinn is currently employed by the Rangers, and has two years on his deal, but his Broadway tenure has received some calls to look down the curtain. So why would Saber leave Quinn behind? He coached Echell during his one year at Boston University, where he won Hobby Baker as the best player in college hockey.

“He is a friend to me, a mentor and he is very close to me even during his first few years in the NHL.” Eichel told reporters back in 2018 Quinn’s second game as the Rangers’ bench boss precedes two squaring. “That was great for me at BU and we have such a good relationship but I think we’re all contestants, right? When you get out there, all you’re doing is winning your team. Tries to help.

He said: “He cares a lot about you as a hockey player, but I think he cares more about you as a person, and as players you appreciate that,” Eichel said. “I think that’s what we were taking from him. He was really great.”

Keeping Eichel happy is priority number 1 and could be a good match.

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Rod Brindamore, Rick Tochet and Travis Green

Unlike Quinn, who is technically under contract, these three guys are set to become free agents, when the final horn sounds in the season for their respective teams.

Brind’Amour is reportedly not wanting to leave Carolina but, as Luke D Cock of The News and Observer reported, It can come down to money. And it could also be an issue with Green in Vancouver. One thing to keep an eye on with Brind’Amour is that he and Adams won a cup together with Hurricanes in 2006.

As for Tocchet, he may just be out of the desert if given the chance.

Nate Lehman

And we’ll throw in an inexperienced NHL man, but a man who knows how to succeed on the big stage. Lehman, who won the 2015 NCAA title in Providence, is coming to Edmonton with a gold medal at the 2021 World Junior Championships. America’s head coach took his team into a tough fight with the Canadians – a game many did not see the Americans win, as Canada prevailed through the competition – and not only spewed gold but The hometown team shut down in the process.

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