PA Watson Trade Rumors: NFL Teams’ unwillingness to Discuss Deals on NFL Teams Leave Trade Proposals on Voicemail

Deshon is done with Houston.

According to Dan Graziano of ESPN, the former Houston Texas quarterback of the future has made it clear that he has no intention of playing another snap with the team after a meeting with new head coach David Cully.

“According to sources, Texas QB Deshaun Watson met with new Texas head coach David Coolie last Friday. In that meeting, Watson reiterated that he wanted to trade and told Cooley that he would be playing for Texas again. No intention. No change from Watson’s end. He remains immersed inside.

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The news, which is not new, but is about to be confirmed again, comes reports that refuse to answer a phone call about the availability of Texas Watson, meaning a divorce between the player and the team The coming months can be long, muddy and dragged.

Scholars between Texas and Watson have extended this lineage, descending from the heels of seasons 4–12. Reports suggested that Watson was disappointed by the way the organization refused to listen to the quarterback’s suggestions for a possible interview.

Earlier on 25 February, Watson sent a cryptic tweet:

“Loyalty is everything. Will you never forget it,” read Watson’s tweet.

The 25-year-old franchise passer had his best season in the league in 2020, passing for 4,823 yards, 33 touchdown passes and just seven interceptions in 16 games. The team fired head coach Bill O’Brien Midson.

As the new head coach of the 2021 season and beyond, Texas replaced former Baltimore wide receiver coach Coolie. He is just as likely to navigate that season without Watson as his QB.

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