Texas porch pirate loses his top during stolen daylight theft

A Texas porch pirate was in such a rush to snatch a package that his top fell off during the Brezen Daylight Heist which was caught on a doorbell security camera.

In the video obtained by KHOU 11The woman can be seen running barefoot to the verandah of Houston’s house and swiping a box containing a dress from Nordstrom.

During the robbery, however, the woman’s shirt slipped, which was all captured with the ring doorbell camera of the homeowner.

“Apparently there was a wardrobe problem on the way,” Harris County Precute 1st Constable Alan Rosen reported Fox News.

“I don’t think I’ve seen one of them.”

The woman remained at large until Thursday. But Rosen told KHOU 11 that the department has few leads.

“We have taken into account some suspects. We got very clear information about the vehicle and the person, ”he told the outlet.

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