The first advertisement to breast feed in the air during the Golden Globes

This advertisement is a small step for a brand and a big step for women everywhere.

Parenthood brand Frida Mom is considered the first commercial broadcast to feature breast-fed breasts on television. It will run on Sunday during the 2021 Golden Globe Awards on NBC.

“Alright girls, you’ve got it: latch, and better latch, and oh my god, unlock, unchecked,” a female voice breastfeeding her babies with two new moms in a one-minute and 15-second commercial with nipples. Uncensored.

“We are lifting the veil on new moms (and their breasts) as they DIY their way during breastfeeding – by massaging the closed ducts with an electric toothbrush to slow the flow with cabbage leaves.” Reads the caption of the video on Youtube. “It’s time to take care of your breasts, not your baby’s.”

The ad is part of Frida Mom’s #sprayitforward campaign, launching with a new line of products for postpartum breast care. Despite the fact that breastfeders bring many physical pains with them, “it never gets any air as it is supposed to mean in the end,” Chelsea Hirschhorn, CEO of Frida Told insider

. “The two are not mutually exclusive.”

The video has received acclaim from viewers on YouTube, some of whom are mothers themselves.

Freida Mom’s advertisement is believed to be the first to feature lactating breasts on television.
Frida Mom

“I just cried.” It is very real. I see it feeding my baby girl. It is a difficult, but very meaningful, journey, “one comment wrote.” OMG I totally like it – it happened when told, as it is, “said the other.

“I can relate very well!” Such an amazing commercial! Thank you for highlighting the struggles of BF and showing us that we are not alone, ”a third commentator choked.

Earlier, Freida was barred from showing up during the 2020 Oscars for being “too graphic”. The commercial told a tired-looking new mom in the bathroom wearing thick, slanted netted underwear, sitting on the toilet, urinating and changing.

The Frida Mom ad features two new mothers breastfeeding their babies uncensored.
The Frida Mom ad features two new mothers breastfeeding their babies with their nipples uncensored.

“We were surprised to hear that female hygiene was placed in the same category as guns, ammunition, sexually suggestive nudity, religion and politics,” Hirschhorn told today’s parents, referring to the academy’s commercial guidelines. “I was surprised, in this day and age, to see whoever was at the academy and at the organizational level, in writing, they said that they would enhance feminine hygiene for some of those others, more of the advertisement. Offensive categories. “

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