The NYC DOH website now lists data on COVID-19 version cases

New York City’s Department of Health made data on the new coronavirus virus in five boroughs publicly available on its website on Tuesday.

according to health DepartmentAs of last Wednesday, 59 residents have been infected with the UK strain of the disease.

The Department of Health said in a statement, “the UK variant” is currently more contagious than the outbreak or major strains in the NMC and can lead to more serious illness. “

No other COVID-19 variants have been detected in the city.

But the Health Department said it is monitoring for the presence of South Africa strain and another variant that was first found in Brazil.

In total, in New York State, there are 154 known cases of the UK version and two cases of South African tension, according to a Tuesday update from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office.

The governor’s office said that despite the presence of variants, the rate of COVID-19 hospitalization and infection in the state has decreased.

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