Tom Brady Extension Is your company? Buccaneers GM says it’s on the table, wants to ‘keep it up’

Tom Brady can do away with more loot.

The first-year Buccaneer QB helped Tampa Bay win the final award in 2020, Super Bowl 54, Brady’s seventh ring and the organization’s second. Everything worked for Brady and the Bucs last season, and the veteran QB kept Father Time away for at least another year.

Brady’s performance could earn him more years at the center, at least if he wanted to. Speaking on Tuesday’s “The Rich Eisen Show”, Bookers GM Jason Likt said a contract extension for Brady is definitely under the realm of possibility.

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“It’s a possibility,” Licht said. “He certainly didn’t look like he slowed down this year anyway. It’s a possibility. We’ll have to see how it happens.…

“I know it looks like he really had a great time this year, is winning the Super Bowl, and likes our organization, likes our coaches, likes our head coach and ownership, And we definitely love him, so, usually when you have those two things going for each other, it’s a match made in heaven. So we would like to continue that. “

While Brady has stated that he wants to play until the age of 45 – he will hit number one in August 2022 – the Buccaneers can give him that chance. He is currently on contract during the 2021 season and is scheduled to make over $ 25 million, so a contract extension would put him at that age.

Brady has also said that he plans to play until he becomes “worthless”. But this is, frankly, something that has yet to happen.

Still, age 45 or… the suck is about to come first, and it seems that the Buccaneers are going to give him an opportunity to find out who does what.

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