Virginia woman discovers the ashes of father’s ashes

A heartless Virginia woman is on a mission to find an urn containing the ashes of her dead father – after being sent to the wrong address according to a report.

June Kim of Fairfax County believes someone swiped a package containing his father’s precious remains, after a funeral home mistakenly sent him to an old address of his week before, WUSA 9 reported.

“You just hate that someone can do it,” Kim said Flying ball To find emotional items. “You don’t even want to think if anyone threw it away.”

She said that after her father died of a heart attack in December at the age of 58, she ordered the urn sent from a Texas funeral home – but it never showed.

He said the funeral home later claimed that he had been delivered and that he had soon sent it to the wrong address.

At a hump, he spoke to former neighbors in his old apartment complex who recalled having seen the package before it went missing.

“Losing someone you love so much is very hard,” she said. “Even in death, you want to do the best for the people you love. It is difficult for my father to do this when a part of him is out of nowhere, ”she said.

Kim has deployed fliers around the city, offering an unspecified reward for the safe return of her father’s remains – “no questions asked.”

Kim did not immediately return the post’s call on Wednesday.

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