Who didn’t fall for Matt James?

Up to this point in a Bachelor season, we generally know the final four “Bachelor” contestants well. He is the star of the show.

But not this season. Brick, Michelle, Serena P. And hometown treatment during Week 8 was difficult, given Rachel. And not because there is something wrong with these women – most (again, most) of them are nothing less than amazing. But he barely got any screen time.

Because so much time was devoted to toxic drama at home, we were not ready to join the finalists. When Michelle’s parents hurt a relationship a year ago, all the Bachelor Nation beats her head. When we are left out of the conversation, it is difficult for a winner to root.

Here’s everything that went down on episode 8.

First Hometown Date: Michelle

Matt and Michelle kiss on a table.
Dearest couple in school.

Instead of taking her to Minnesota (because, you know, epidemic), teacher Michelle had a zoom call with some of her students. “Mr. C. James” and “Ms. Young” were helped by some cute and curious elementary schoolers. “Are you going to give Ms. Young a rose?” “You guys have kissed yet?” “How many girlfriends do you have? ? “The makers certainly fed them these questions, but the whole thing was too sweet for me to care. Matt brushed them like a pro.

Later, Matt met his parents, who were offloaded at a Pennsylvania resort and the show is being filmed. Michelle talks to her dad about Matt’s charity for children and how his passion is intersected. If she just proposed to him, she would say yes. His dad also grilled Matt, especially about him and Michelle’s life outside the show. Matt says he will leave NYC for Minnesota to build their relationship. After the date, the couples played basketball together, and Michelle told Matt – guess what – falling in love with her.

Second Hometown Date: Rachel

Trust and honesty are important to her, Rachel puts Matt to the test: they went skydiving. Matt’s experience was fine, but was a tough landing for Rachel and her professional. His mouth was full of grass and in some pain. Matt comforted him, saying, “I didn’t feel like I felt anything like that.” “I can’t even think of life without Matt,” Rachel said. (Seeing it From the statement He laid out on Monday night, he might.)

Met matt at night Controversial contestant’s Parents and sister. Like Michelle, Rachel would say yes to Matt’s proposal. But her mom and dad had doubts about their quick relationship and other women. Nevertheless, he promised to support her unhindered. Despite her injuries, Rachel was most upset that Matt did not ask for her father’s blessing.

Third Hometown Date: Br

Brie and Matt hold hands.
Bri and Matt kissed their date

In her first one-on-date callback, Brie took Matt off-roading and for a picnic (which was lovely, but not much to do with her San Francisco hometown). Brie told her date how she would meet her mom and her best friend (also named Bree), and admitted that she was nervous that Matt would not join a “traditional” family.

Brie’s mom Lauren talks openly to Matt, trying to make sure his daughter’s heart was not broken. “I think this is the first time someone is looking at me and looking at every part of me,” Brie told her mom. Still, she panics about what might happen. A bonus: Bri had a baby sister, and this baby was very cute.

After the family leaves, Bri tells Matt that he too is in love with her. They kissed.

Fourth Hometown Date: Serena p.

Au, Canada. Proud Ontario Serena taught Matt about our neighbors to the north. After a lesson in slang (eh) and consonant (poutine), the two each gear up for a hockey game. Serena scored on her American boyfriend, and won a kiss from him.

Later, Serena’s parents and sister come south of the border to meet Matt. Her mother pulled her aside to realize her intentions. He insists that he actually has feelings for Serena, but the mother is not sure that her daughter will be ready to marry. Her sister was equally suspicious, and thought Serena would be coming back with Matt. While talking to her father, Serena tells her that she was nervous and was skeptical about getting engaged.

After meeting and greeting, Serena talks to Matt about her concerns. He validates them and tells her that she is very scared, but she did not feel better.

The next day, Matt wanted to talk to Serena about her concerns. He met her for a chat at her room. “You’re the person I’ve spent the most time with, and it’s intentional,” she told him. But Serena lost. “I thought I was only scared, but if I’m being honest with myself, it’s more than that,” she said. “I don’t think you’re my person.” The Bachelor was devastated. He said his goodbye.

Rose ceremony

The last three ladies - Michelle (from left), Brie and Rachel.
The last three ladies – Michelle (from left), Brie and Rachel.

Brie, Rachel and Michelle were shocked when Serena did not show up at the ceremony. I think Matt probably would have kept Serena if she hadn’t survived. Who would have sent him home? Who got mercy rose?

Before giving the flowers, Matt insists that by accepting them, the women are telling them that they are ready to get engaged. Each woman accepted – though Brie felt that she had found the last rose.


The next two week’s “Women Tell All” and Finale episodes will be nothing. I am interested in the special “After the Final Rose”. Since chris harrison Stepped down, Who will fill to host? Most everyone believes that Rachel Kirkconnell and Matt get engaged, although I bet (and hope) they have broken it because their social disputes have come to light. I want to know what’s going on behind the scenes.

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