Why Lindsay Hubbard kept her miscarriage from Carl Radke


Lindsay Hubbard knew she wanted to discuss her heartbreaking miscarriage on “Summer House” Season 6 in an effort to help viewers experiencing similar struggles.

But she wasn’t sure how to tell best friend-turned-beau Carl Radke before cameras started rolling.

“I just felt bad. I didn’t want to burden him,” Hubbard, 35, told Page Six in an exclusive interview, recalling her emotional state as a “difficult” series of events — a surprise pregnancy and its devastating loss — unfolded before filming began last summer. 

“I didn’t tell him because he was in the middle fo so much,” she continued, explaining that Radke, 36, had been busy with work obligations at the time. 

“This was very heavy news, especially [with] everything that had just happened to me within the last 48 hours. I was waiting for the right time. He was traveling a lot. I was all over the place. There was just no time.” 

Lindsay Hubbard with an inset of Carl Radke
Lindsay Hubbard exclusively told Page Six why she waited to tell Carl Radke about her “difficult” miscarriage.
Getty Images; lindshubbs/Instagr

Hubbard ultimately shared her story with Radke on Monday night’s “Summer House” premiere, revealing to him that she suffered a miscarriage after finding out she was pregnant and expecting a child with her “Winter House” co-star Jason Cameron.

The Hubb House PR founder told Radke that her relationship with Cameron, 35, turned “really complicated” after she “immediately” shared the news with him. 

“Jason was absolutely wonderful, but I also just needed to get through it on my own,” she said, adding, “I’m OK.”

Hubbard appreciated Radke’s warm reaction — and sensed that the Loverboy, Inc. VP was “saddened” that he wasn’t able to offer her support in real time. 

“Carl’s so cute and genuine. I could tell he was very much saddened that he was not able to support me in a tough moment, which was so sweet,” she gushed. “You could just see it on his face. He was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there to help you.’”

Elsewhere in Monday night’s episode, Hubbard said in a confessional that she would have kept the baby despite her non-exclusive romance with Cameron.

“I would have absolutely had this child,” she asserted. “That was cool to feel that. I never thought that it would happen like that for me. It’s something I’ve always wanted my entire life, to have a family.”

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke
The “Summer House” stars reignited their romance after briefly dating during Season 4.

Despite her setback, Hubbard told Page Six that she still dreams of one day becoming a parent. 

“My goal is still the same. I think it could happen. I don’t ever want to give up on that,” she said. “I think technology is a beautiful thing and the female body is a beautiful thing. There’s plenty of options and there’s plenty of time.” 

Until then, the Bravolebrity is focused on exploring a future with Radke. The reality TV couple’s relationship reignited toward the end of filming “Summer House” Season 6 and flourished off-camera throughout the fall and winter.

“Being able to do it again, but just blocking everything else out and really focusing on each other and spending time with each other without outside distractions, has been really helpful,” said Hubbard, who briefly dated Radke on Season 4. 

“We wanted to keep our privacy private [for as long as we could]. We don’t get honeymoon phases anymore!”

“Summer House” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.