You can try some of D & D’s new Ravenoft book for free right now

One of the biggest challenges when playing Dungeons & Dragons, or any other role-playing game for that matter, is what to do when a player character dies.

Does the party immediately magically revive them by going to the nearest temple, or does the player roll and press a new character? Perhaps the dungeon master (DM) wants to help with some of the more complex orchestras. The next campaign book titled Wizards of the Coast Van Richten’s guide to Ravenoft, Promises a lot of interesting solutions to the inconvenience of death. You can also take some of them for a test drive before the book comes out.

Van Richten’s Guide Will introduce a new type of character template into D&D, called descent. According to the book’s lead designer, Wes Schneider, genealogy can be used in character formation, and as a defense against the character’s death – especially in Ravenoft’s world. Simply adopt them in place of the player character’s race, then proceed with the game.

The first of these three dynasties is called Dhammapir, which you can consider to be a type of demi-vampire. From Playtest Content:

In the midst of a world of living and dead people, the dhampirs retain their hold on life yet endlessly tested by vicious hunger pangs. […] With unique insights into the nature of the undead, many dhampirs turn to the lives of adventurers and demon hunters. Their reasons are often deeply personal. Some seek danger, imagining demons as the hallmark of their hunger. Others took revenge against turning him into Dhammapir. And still others adopt the solitude of hunting, who try to satisfy their hunger.

As currently implemented, a Dhammapir character can crave blood, flesh, or even mental energy from his victims. Other options include more “esoteric humor” or even dreams, all of which can be interesting role-playing. Two more descendants from this playtest will appear inside Van Richten’s Guide

, Which includes Hexblood (a creature that is associated with the Higgs) and Reborn (a sort of zombie-like undo).

D&D includes more than adornment to influence role play, just like traditional races. They also include boons. Dhampeer can see in the dark, has the ability to climb walls and ceilings, as well as a “vampire bite” that can help deal damage and gain hit points. Hexbloods can easily distract themselves. Rebirth is, perhaps indefinitely, very difficult to kill a second time. You can download the playtest packet, titled Unearthed Archana: Gothic LineagesIn the Wizards of the Coast website.

Keep in mind that these are just a near-final draft of the rules that will come out Van Richten’s guide to Ravenoft When it is released on 19 May. Unearthed is a full range of Archana supplements, which Wizards have used to test some of the previous rules. The process is a continuation of the playtest that followed the release of the 5-edition, where over 120,000 players helped refine the current iteration of the game before launch.

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