81 administered dose on NY COVID Wax site stored at incorrect temp

A report stated that dozens of people in New York were asked to reconsider for COVID-19 because their previous dose was stored at inappropriate temperatures.

A State Department of Health spokesperson affected 81 of the 1,379 doses delivered at the Jones Beach vaccination site on Long Island last Monday. Told NBC New York.

State health officials said that there are no health risks associated with receiving or re-vaccination of the affected doses.

The report said the affected people were informed via email of the temperature mix.

A State Health Department spokesman said, “The health and safety of New Yorkers is our top priority, and because of the specific temperature sensitivity of this vaccine, we have a procedure in place to identify if a temperature occurs.”

“The process worked, allowing us to quickly understand the issue, identify the extremely small number of affected individuals, and initiate action immediately.”

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