Canadians Can’t Stop Erecting Erotic Snowman

Snow has never been this hot.

Residents of Manitoba, Canada, cannot stop making sexually explicit snow people, According to The City of Winnipeg Complaints Department – a completely fictitious state agency – on Facebook.

Recent images shared by the Wakey watchdog group show snow men and women in a series of white-hot, sexually suggestive positions, including the couple walking in public on a bench near Winnipeg’s city hall.

“Please note that there are all kinds of sexy traits for people living in the city !!” Reads a 19 February m “We will enjoy a camp of people who are personally and personally investing” by the so-called Grievance Department to the citizens !!

A Facebook user called Himanshi
A Facebook user called the snowman “kind” for resting the head between his legs for a “leg”.

Last month, the same parody account shared another NSFW photo – this time blurred – as a snowman apparently engaged in masturbation.

“Would like to remind residents of the city of Winnipeg to stop making sexually suggestive snow people. Especially around schools! City employees have demolished dozens around the city, ”he addressed the public on 19 January.

“This photo was sent to us by Karen Moyle at Kildonan Park. We have blurred the phallic object in question, ”he posted.

This snowman was caught enjoying the chilly season a bit.
This snowman was caught enjoying the chilly season very very.

Another gruesome scene shared by the citizens of Winnipeg shows a Giant snow ling Attaching a green sedan, with information about a suspect to the department with a plea for “contact us immediately” Grainy security camera footage captured.

“One of our complaints department clerks discovered his vehicle. This disgusting our snow sculpture” was made at lunchtime sometime. Needless to say we are shocked and sad that this vandalism happened to one of our employees, ”he wrote.

With the exception of some blackjack-in-ice – such as those who blamed pandemic restrictions to induce barbarous sculptors to provoke – most of the group’s followers appear to be in On the joke.

“Cow should get a key to the city for this art masterpiece !!” Wrote a fan of erotic works.

“I hope the police find these individuals, so I can tell them this is the best thing ever,” said another.

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