Central Park snow bear statues delight New Yorkers

Bear-y cute snow sculptures in Central Park are sweeping away winter blues and warming hearts on the upper west side.

Artist Heid Hatree has spent every day for the past two weeks at the park’s 86th Street entrance, shaping and replacing his frosty creations. As of Saturday, he had produced 17 miniature bears.

The exhibition has attracted hundreds of coupered New Yorkers, who stop in their tracks to watch the 55-year-old hattree, painfully turning snow into animals.

Manhattanite Marissa Miller Wolfson told The Post that her 8-year-old daughter, Hatree Bird, was mesmerized as soon as she was born.

“It’s very happy in these uncertain times,” said Wolfson, a documentary filmmaker and cookbook writer.

To create the story lines, Hatry uses hints and props from nearby dustbins. The photos he posted on his Instagram page Show an ice bear holding a guitar and the other sitting in a chair.

One of her pieces is particularly beloved – and funny: a mother cuddling with her cubs in front of a sign that reads “SnowBenxi 2021”, a gesture to the anonymous graffiti artist.

There is a sticker for hattery detail, which uses black objects for the bear’s eyes and ears. She even goes so far as to express her critics.

Recently, Hatrick has been encouraging others to let their creative juices flow.

“I too have invited the kids to come in, make their own bears or play with them,” she said.

However, there is a serious message behind Hatry’s lighthouse: global warming is a threat to polar bears.

Hatry wrote on Instagram, “I hope he has made many people smile, and I hope that we realize that he needs our help to survive for the coming decades.”

In his post, Hatrick made a pitch For donations to Polar Bear International And uploaded a picture of a statue of him.

In the snow, he had the words “let us cool down”.

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