DCCC consultant deleted tweets raising slogans from Biden, Kamala Harris

An ex-gang member, now advising congressional Democrats, is gaining the right to work in his new job – removing his old tweets and slapping President Biden and VP Harris.

34-year-old Daijuan Tatro, a criminal justice advocate and New appointment The party’s house campaign advisor, once blasting the very dams he now works with, recently posted social media posts from 2019 and 2020, The Post found.

“I would like people like you to sit down and think about the harm that Biden and men like him have perpetrated, abused and tortured in communities of color” Tatro wrote in a tweet In May 2020. “Joe Biden has hurt my community. I don’t want Trump or Joe Biden to win.

The post comes more than a month after Sen. Bernie Sanders withdrew from the 2020 Democratic presidential election, making Biden the presidential candidate.

Tatro also targeted Biden for his post of president on criminal justice reform and his controversial support for the 1994 crime bill.

“One would think he would admit to being wrong and get out of the mud. Instead, he’s rolling it #NoToJoe,” Tatro gripped

One tweeted in September 2019.

Daijuan Tatro tweeted that criticized President Biden.
Daijuan Tatro tweeted that criticized President Biden.

“That too is a combination of large-scale construction. Millions of His Majesty helped in the construction that was done. Please explain his character,” Tatro tweeted in April 2019 – A day later, Biden entered the presidential race.

“Biden’s version of police reform:” Shoot them in the leg, ” He said in another tweet.

Tatro had no love for Harris.

“I really got tired of black men saying that Kamala Harris was only doing her job as a prosecutor when she waged a war on black and brown bodies because that’s the line police use when they are unarmed black Let’s kill men. This is actually the Sh-Y dichotomy, ” He said in a tweet in July 2019.

His post rapes did not affect Nicole Malliotakis.

Daijuan Tatro tweeted criticizing Kamala Harris.
A criminal justice reform advocate, Daijuan Tatro, was recently appointed to the campaign branch of the House.

“The prisoners are literally running the asylum,” she told the Post.

“If this is a sign of the times to come, I think we expect the 2022 candidates to include the culprits, the perpetrators, the haters and the robbers.”

Tatro is a former “triggerman” Killas street gang, the original gangsta of Albany, and once claimed that he spent $ 12,000 per month dealing with drugs. He eventually earned his bachelor’s degree behind bars through the Bard Prison Initiative.

The DCCC and the White House declined to comment. Tatars could not be reached.

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