Dr. Meghan McCain doubles-down on attack against Fauci.

Meghan McCain on Tuesday called Dr. Anthony doubled his attacks on Fauci – accusing him of endangering people with “deliberate lies” about masks when COVID-19 first ravaged the Big Apple.

The “see” co-host burst out as a White House infectious disease specialist as he defended his call on Monday to replace him with someone who “understands science.”

“They told me that I don’t wear masks and that masks don’t work when I was 3 months pregnant in the middle of Manhattan,” McCain tweeted, 36, who gave birth to a daughter, Liberty, in September.

He said, “Later he admitted that it was a deliberate lie so we would donate masks to the necessary activists. Now I am being asked to wear 2 masks.

“But yes, I am ‘misguided’,” wrote McCain, the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain, apparently with sarcasm.

“The message is incredibly inconsistent and confusing,” she added In a follow-up tweet, saying that she “represents the feelings of many Americans.”

McCain launched a firearms show on Monday when she quarreled with co-host Whoppy Goldberg, saying she was “over the foci”.

“View” co-host White House infectious disease specialist Drs. Anthony bursts into force.
Alex Brandon / AP

“Quite frankly, I think the Biden administration should remove that and give someone a place to understand about science,” she said.

In Tuesday’s tweet, he said he “honestly expressed my frustration” on the show, saying “I also believe that it is dangerous and irrational to disturb our public figure.”

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