Eric Adams publicly breaks up with Hiram Monserrat for a long time

This strange bromance may finally come to an end.

After palling with deranged Hiram Monserratt for years – a one-time state senator notorious for hitting an ax in a girlfriend’s forehead with a drinking glass – Mayor Ashik Eric Adams publicly pre-election after questioning The Post Has broken political ties with.

Monserratte, who was forced out of the Legislature after the 2010 bizarre incident and was jailed in 2012 after pleading guilty to misappropriating public funds during her city council term, repeatedly tried and elected office. Failed to return to. He is currently challenging Queens Counselor Francisco Moya for the second time.

Adams, the Brooklyn Borough President who is currently far behind Gracie Mention frontrunner Andrew Yang in the election, announced to The Post Friday that he was supporting Moya in the race.

“I believe restitution is in the principle of justice and criminal justice reform which prioritizes rehabilitation to prevent further crimes. As a man who lived with domestic violence as a child, I also strongly condemn Mr. Monserrat’s past behavior and believe that it should have consequences, ”Adams said in a statement.

He said, “I do not believe that Mr. Monserrat should hold public office, and I am supporting my opponent.” “I encourage Mr. Monserrate to continue my rehab.”

But behind the scenes, people who know Adams and Monserratte say the pair is still chummy – and that nothing has changed.

Humiliated ex-pole Hiram Monserrat
During his city council term in 2012, ex-poll Hiram Monserrat was previously convicted of disgrace for publicly misappropriating funds.
Matthew McDermott

“They have always been fat like thieves,” said one MLA with knowledge of the relationship.

60-year-old Adams and 53-year-old Monserrat served together in the state Senate until Monserrat’s expulsion.

Adams jumps to protect his friend in a statement Soon the police slapped the cuff on Monserrat after the 2008 skirmish, claiming that the officers were guilty of misconduct.

During Monserrat’s 2009 trial on assault charges, Adams sat among the audience in court. And when the Senate voted to expel the poll, Adams was one of just eight people who voted against the measure.

He was there with his old palace in December 2016 when Monserrat married Michel Morillo Local media report. The incident at World Marina in Flowering Bay occurred months after Monserrat came out of federal prison.

Hiram Monserrat and Eric Adams with an unknown guest in 2018
Hiram Monserrat and Eric Adams with an unknown guest in 2018
James S. Lee

In July 2018, Adams attended a birthday party for Monserrat at Jackson Heights restaurant Pio Pio. A smiling adams Ready for photos More with birthday boy Commented something In front of the signs of the Monsret campaign.

In 2019, Monserrat and Adams were together at Ecu Fest, an annual Ecuadorian music and culture festival in Queens. The photos show Monserat Adams posing with A. Sash recognizes him As the “Pastorino d’Or” or “Godfather” of the event.

“Eric Adams’ refusal to hold an elected official accountable for intimate partner violence that left a woman’s face tainted will always be a mark against her,” Sonia Osorio, who is part of the National Organization for Women New York City runs the chapter.

“If you judge the character of someone in that company, he has a permanent relationship with Adams’ former elected self [official] There is a red flag for voters convicted of the attack.

A type of plant Filed paperwork To challenge City Councilman Moya in January, and a recently passed bill that should remove any politician convicted of crimes while seeking election to the city’s post in office.

Moya’s spokesman claimed that Adams supported the incumbent in a February 15 zoom call.

Monserrat is taking it in stride.

“They are friends,” Mike confirmed to the Post to a Monstrate spokesman. “We’ve talked to Eric Adams. And he is not supporting Hiram. “

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