GameStop stock burst for second day, Reddit cheers

GameKytop’s share price came as another explosive gain on Thursday as fraudulent investors started the second wave of last month’s Reddrally rally.

Shares of the video-game retailer gained 74 percent in prepaid trading and fell to more than double at $ 159.64 by 7:14 a.m. Wednesday after a more than doubling in a wild session, with the stock 30 minutes before closing Less seen

It is unclear what caused the sudden spike after two weeks of silent trading for GameStop. But traders in the WallStreetBets forum of Reddit stepped into a stock that turned into a symbol of a populist rebellion against hedge funds and big-time investors.

“So I guess we’re back?” A Redditor named rgodless wrote On the message board on Thursday morning.

“Round two! We’ve emailed again, and now we’re going to Pluto,” another user named Concielos deployment of On Wednesday, emojis and two hands of a rocket ship were pressed together.

    Keith Gill, Roar ing Kitty Gametop Reddit
Keith Gill, the retail merchant who has been credited with starting Gametop Surge, has doubled on his investment.

Other “meme stocks” that Reddit traders had previously pimped also rose in early trading. Shares of gourmet cinema chain AMC Entertainment rose nearly 15 percent as of 7:16 am, while headphone maker Koss was up about 55 percent on Wednesday to nearly $ 36.32 recently.

The Texas company said chief financial officer James Bell would exit in late March. He was reportedly pushed by board member and investor Ryan Cohen,’s co-founder, who some fans of the gameplate consider important to improve the company’s fortunes.

After cohen Tweeted On Wednesday, a photo of a McDonald’s ice cream cone with a frog emoji, some online merchant, took the secret post as a sign that he was executing some grand turnaround plan.

“The frog is a long-used symbol of transition and transformation, from tadpoles to frogs,” A red poster Guessed it.

Despite rising for the past two days, GameStop shares were still trading well below the $ 483 peak that reached the end of January as the frenzy of the Reddit-fueled market reached a fever pitch.

The unprecedented rally began as an online campaign against hedge funds that had placed bets against Gametop and other beaten-down companies and attracted the attention of federal regulators and Congress.

Keith Gill, a retail trader known as “DeepF-Ingleview” on Reddit, who is credited with starting Gametop Surge, doubled down on his investment after testifying in front of the House Financial Services Committee last week.

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