Karan Singh Grover celebrated his 39th birthday in Maldives with Bipasha Basu! Take a look at the photos of this hottest couple from Tropical Paradise

Karan Singh Grover is celebrating his 39th birthday on February 23, 2021, and it is indeed completely special for him as he is celebrating this wonderful day in Maldives with his wife Bipasha Basu. Yes, the couple is in tropical paradise! The hottest couple in B-town are with their close pal Ayaz Khan and his wife Jannat Khan. They have been sharing some amazing pictures from their vacations and netizens that cannot remain calm. Karan Singh Grover is Bipasha Basu’s personal photographer; Pix Hubby of Actress Shares clicked.

Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu often share lovely-doywee photos on their Instagram handles. Fans wait to catch a glimpse of both of them on special occasions. It has been just a few days since they left for Maldives and without fail, Bipasha and Karan have been sharing pictures from their rickshaws and you have to take a look at those pictures right away! Karan Singh Grover has shared a wedding film with Bipasha Basu on the 4th marriage anniversary and it will make you look like their love (see video).

Special birthday post

B-Town’s Hottest Couple


Hot in maldives

One with bestie

Festive time

Karan Singh Grover (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Are the pictures of birthday boy Karan Singh Grover and his lady Bipasha Basu not shocking at all? We should say, as usual, this pair has once scored major doubles goals!

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