Luis Rosas saw these mets pitcher from an unusual location

Port ST. LUCIE – Beyond the center-field fence at Clover Park, Marcus Strowman and Juris Familia looked fine.

Mets manager Luis Rojas looked from that angle, as both pitches had live batting practice on Thursday, so he could get a better idea of ​​the movement on his pitches. Rosas couldn’t help but like what he saw in the first live BP session for both right hands.

“Those guys worked hard, both of them,” Rojas said. “I feel on some of their pitches and the pitches they were working on, like Familia’s slider is something that they brought to me early on, and they worked very hard on it. Now the impact in camp See, start early. “

Rosas held his breath as Strowman frantically raced to catch a pop-up, but the pitcher became unbalanced.

Marcus Strowman
Marcus Strowman
Corey Sipkin

“It was a little scary at first, there were a bunch of bats and fungi,” Rojas said. “His energy is there.”

Dominic Smith said that the slingshot of the catapult he wore during his workouts and monitored vital signs to ensure that he does not overact himself.

“Keep an eye on our heart rate and just make sure we’re not spiking too much or doing too much where we ultimately cause injury,” Smith said.

He said that he had a stress fracture in 2019 and a fourth strain from spring training the previous year.

“[A] A lot of injuries come from overuse and fatigue, and we want us to stay on top and make sure I’m not getting out there, ”Smith said. “Every day I am gradually increasing my value rather than doing too much and too much.”

Rojas hopes that many of the organization’s top performers will participate in the exhibition games starting on Monday. Ronnie Mauricio, Francisco Alvarez, Pete Crowe-Armstrong, Matt Allen and Brett Batty are among the top prospects in the camp.

“I was talking to some of them and told them that if they don’t get a chance to start, we want to give them a backup of every game if we can, and if we can give them a backup If you get a chance to get there, “said Rosa. “You are hungry.

We are giving them a chance to experience some things, but you are still hungry for these kinds of things. “

The Mets hired Jeff Dallin as chief revenue officer, an industry source confirmed. Deline previously held the same position in Toronto with the Raptors and Maple Leafs.

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