Masked Partners Busted at Underground Queens Club

Officials said hundreds of people attended the underground Queens bar in the early hours of Sunday and completely stripped Coronovirus security measures.

About 300 revelations were found in the basement of Corona’s Sueno American Restaurant, which found an unlicensed bar and a DJ booth at around 2:25 pm. According to the New York City Sheriff’s Office.

Officials said all four were locked inside from outside the Clandestine Club, sealing the crowd.

Deputies busted the party after placing small groups of two people in the basement of the restaurant on Junction Boulevard near 35th Avenue.

The pair also ran “counter-surveillance”, and went under and down the boulevard to make sure no one was chasing them.

But they recalled deputies, who said they saw 220 people entering the venue during the three hours late Saturday.

Deputies raided the basement bar and found that patrons did not dance, bathe, drink hookahs, smoke masks or make social distinctions.

The incident violated the executive order of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, which was preventing non-mass mass gatherings “and posed a significant threat to health and safety,” the sheriff’s office said.

Depots ticketed the business, a DJ and several parties for a number of violations.

Was the restaurant First busted in september Authorities said more than 75 people, most of whom were masked, fled the basement after NYPD officers found noise complaints.

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