Reddit’s top three posts of 2021 were all from WallStreetBets

Reddit’s top three posts of 2021 were all from WallStreetBets


Reddit is taking a look back at some of the site’s biggest moments and trends from 2021, and perhaps unsurprisingly, posts from r/wallstreetbets were the most upvoted posts of the year. r/wallstreetbets became hugely popular after GameStop’s stock price skyrocketed in January and as people followed updates from Keith Gill (aka DeepFuckingValue / Roaring Kitty), the trader who invested heavily in GameStop ahead of the stock’s surge.

Here are the top five most upvoted posts, according to Reddit:

  • On r/wallstreetbets, a user bought a billboard in Times Square reading “$GME GO BRRR” and got more than 433K upvotes
  • A screenshotted tweet on r/wallstreetbets alleging Robinhood hid popular meme stocks and encouraging users to “take all the cash you can afford to lose and buy buy buy” had more than 323K upvotes
  • One r/wallstreetbets update from Gill showing his GameStop shares losing more $14 million in one day earned more than 287K upvotes
  • A post on r/antiwork where a user posted a screenshot telling their boss they were quitting got more than 273K upvotes
  • A video on r/nextfuckinglevel of a man dodging a cash-in-transit robbery had more than 259K upvotes

Posts overall on Reddit were up, according to the company. There were more than 366 million posts (up 19 percent year over year), 2.3 billion comments (up 12 percent year over year), and “nearly” 46 billion upvotes (up 1 percent year over year).

Reddit isn’t just sharing some of its own biggest trends, though: the company is also launching Spotify Wrapped-style personalized recaps showing things like a summary of how much time you’ve spent on the platform. These will be available starting Thursday.

Here’s an example of what the personalized Reddit Recaps look like.
Image: Reddit

Part of the fun of Spotify Wrapped is sharing your embarrassing music habits on social media, and it seems like Reddit is hoping for a similar reaction with personalized Reddit Recaps. Reddit will also let you hide your username and avatar in your recap if you want to share your insights but don’t want others to know anything else about your account.