Sarpatta Parambarai: From Arya’s Kabilan to Pasupathy’s Rangan, 7 Best Characters in Pa Ranjith’s Boxing Drama, Ranked! (LatestLY Exclusive)


With Sarpatta Parambarai, director Pa Ranjith returns to stupendous form making a boxing drama that will leave you stunned, exhilarated and thrilled all at the same time. This could be the best film of the Attakathi director, after his last two much-hyped but underwhelming outings in Kabali and Kaala, both starring Rajinikanth. Sarpatta Parambarai is a period boxing drama set during the Emergency period in the ’70s, featuring Arya in the lead role. Sarpatta Parambarai Movie Review: Arya’s Boxing Drama Delivers Knockout Punches Despite Predictable Beats.

The movie also features Dushara Vijayan, Pasupathy, Anupama Kumar, Sanchana Natarajan, Kalaiyarasan, John Kokken, John Vijay, and Shabeer Kallarakkal in important supporting roles. While Sarpatta Parambarai may have a very familiar sports drama setting of the rise and fall, and then rise again of an underdog, what works here is the making, the political and social commentary and the terrific performances of the cast. Sarpatta Parambarai is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

It also helps that there are very interesting colourful characters who makes the film’s languorous runtime easy to bear through. In this special feature, let’s look at the seven best characters in Sarpatta Parambarai and rank them in ascending order. (Some SPOILERS ahead)


John Kokken in Sarpatta Parambarai

Vembuli, played by John Kokken, could be seen as a perceived antagonist in the movie, but he is not exactly a villain. Just the biggest opponent that the hero Kabilan needed to take down (twice at that). Unlike some of Kabilan’s own clan members, Vembuli isn’t a devious man, just someone who is ruled by his ego (like most of the male characters in the movie), who would prefer to settle his scores within the ring, instead of taking underhanded measures. Which is why when he is taken down by Kabilan in the final match – something we know is going to happen – he doesn’t go without a fight and accepts his defeat with grace.

Beedi Thatha

A Still From Sarpatta Parambarai

He might be the character in this list with the least amount of screentime, but Beedi Thatha gets away with our adulation even in that limited scope. The man who is seen as the mentor to the mentors surprises the viewers with the fact that he is leading a quiet existence as a fisherman, away from the bustle of punches and prickly male egos. And yet he comes to the rescue when Kabilan is at the lowest, helping the latter get into supreme shape by making him do all beach-related exercises, from digging sand, to oaring to catching crabs!


in Sarpatta Parambarai

It is hard to believe that the young and talented Dushara Vijayan is only a couple of films old. In a film filled dominated by males and filled with veteran artistes, she stands out with a fiery performance as Kabilan’s cousin-turned-wife, who is headstrong, protective of her husband and has no qualms in giving him a hearing down when needed for not giving her the time she needs with him. Sarpatta Parambarai Review: Arya’s Sports Drama Gives a Thumbs Up From the Netizens


Daddy (Kevin)

John Vijay in Sarpatta Parambarai

After being stuck playing a villain with comic shades (or not), John Vijay finally gets a role that has him stuck to the hero’s side through and through. But he is no sidekick, as ‘Daddy’ lives upto his nickname, and be a father-like figure to Kabilan, lending solid support even when Fate is not in his favour. The way he speaking Tamil with sprinkling of English makes his character stand apart from the rest of the characters.

Dancing Rose

Shabeer Kallarakkal in Sarpatta Parambarai

With a name like that, how can anyone ignore this character? Yet what makes Dancing Rose the most talked about character of the movie on social media is what he brings to the movie. A brash, flamboyant and showy boxer of the Idiyappa clan, Dancing Rose (not even sure the movie mentions his real name) is an absolute scene-stealer with his garish showmanship and acrobatic moves. Have to say, my fave match in the movie is when Kabilan takes on Dancing Rose, as the latter proves that he is no softie to beat. Also fantastic performance from Shabeer Kallarakkal.

Rangan Vaathiyar

Pasupathy in Sarpatta Parambarai

Pasupathy is a fantastic actor who can steal the thunder in any film, and Sarpatta Parambarai just gave him an excellent character with ample scope to do so. As the head coach of the Sarpatta clan, Rangan Vaathiyar is a principled man with plenty of scruples, who values technique more than aggression, and favours talent over nepotism, but not at the cost of hurting sentiments. It is a commanding performance and character, and Pasupathy breathes fire into the role. Especially when he is onto giving speeches, be it motivational or political.


Arya in Sarpatta Parambarai

Ultimately, Sarpatta Parambarai is Kabilan’s story, through and through, seeing his rise from the sidelines to being ousted at the peak in act of humiliation that attacks his caste identity only to return in double aggression. This is not a character seeking vengeance (even though his father was killed); his sole aim is to win his coach’s favour and ride in the sport he loved and adore since his childhood. His success is not just his own, but also for his caste. And despite the lofty ambitions on his shoulders and machismo in his head, Kabilan is still a momma’s boy, who wants to pursue his dream, but still afraid of what his mother might think. Kabilan is both macho and vulnerable, a toughie and yet a kid, and in him, Arya delivers his finest performance since Naan Kadavul.

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